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There’s so much more to Mexico than all-inclusive resorts.  Start planning your next trip now with this Mexico travel guide.

Map of Mexican States
Image by Hpav7, from Wikimedia Commons (Used with Permission)

Traveling to Mexico: Just the Basics

If you're going on vacation in Mexico, taking the ADO bus is the most comfortable way to get between cities. For trips of 2-8 hours, it can't be beat! Find out how to check routes and schedules or reserve your tickets in advance. A Step by Step Guide to Buying ADO Bus Tickets Online (With an American Credit Card)

Learn more about why ADO is the best bus company in Mexico and how easy and comfortable it is to travel by bus.  Then use this simple tip to pay with an American credit card in advance to save you time and aggravation.

The fastest way to learn Spanish is by joining immersion programs in countries like Guatemala, Costa Rica, or Mexico. Find out what a day in the life of a Spanish student is like and whether these intense, one-week (or more!) schools is right for you.  A Day in the Life of a Spanish Student

Studying Spanish in Mexico is one of the most popular activities because it’s affordable and there are many reputable schools to choose from.  If you’re curious about what it’s like to join one, follow this look at a typical day as a Spanish student.

Mexico City

You can't go wrong with a Mexico City vacation! This highlights guide has a few things to do in Mexico that probably haven't crossed your mind (and a few familiar favorites). Get the whole list now so you can start planning.  Highlights of Mexico City

Although I love Mexico, I think you can see the highlights of the capital in a single trip.  Make sure you don’t miss some of the best things to do, like Xochimilco, Lucha Libre, and even the metro!

 Where to Stay in Mexico City

Check out this guide to neighborhoods, since where you should stay depends on how you travel and which things to do in Mexico City you want to do. Get the scoop on downtown and the zocalo, Polanco, Condesa, and Zona Rosa. I have hotel recommendations for each area and budget – my favorite is a Condesa spot less than $100.

Travel to the pyramids of Teotihuacan without a tour! These easy day trips from Mexico City share great history and culture at a low price when you DIY. Get step by step bus directions + lots of extra tips. If you're still not convinced, I have a tour recommendation too. How to Visit Teotihuacan Without a Tour

Travel to the pyramids of Teotihuacan without a tour! This popular day trip from Mexico City brings great history and culture at a low price when you DIY. Get step by step bus directions + lots of extra tips. If you’re still not convinced, I have a tour recommendation just in case.

Climbing Iztaccihuatl & the Rugged Wilderness of Popocatepetl Volcano

I know, when you think of the capital, you don’t think of nature! This high altitude day trip is a gorgeous change of pace from city life and an extraordinary chance to watch volcanic activity.


Are you traveling to Puebla Mexico? This vibrant vacation spot is just two hours away from Mexico City. Add it to your travel plans today (and avoid making the same mistakes I did).  3 Puebla Travel Tips I Learned the Hard Way

Visiting Puebla Mexico isn’t like going to Cancun. You have to act like a local and think on your feet. I learned a few things the hard way, but hopefully these Puebla travel tips will help you stay ahead of the curve.

Puebla and neighboring Cholula are pueblos magicos - incredible places to visit in Mexico! Learn how to plan the perfect day so you don't miss the best things to do in Puebla, even if you have limited time. You'll also learn why I think it's worth spending the night.  A First-Timer’s Puebla Itinerary

The secret to doing Puebla right is to spend more than just a day trip from Mexico City (although that’s better than nothing).  Find out what to do, where to stay, and what to eat!

Cancun & the Riviera Maya

 Cancun (and the Riviera Maya) is so easy to get to and has plenty of exciting things to do in Mexico. Go beyond the stereotypical spring break trip and learn what makes Cancun so special.  I Love Cancun and I’m Not Afraid to Admit It

Other travelers claim Cancun is too touristy.  It totally is, but you can get off the beaten path and/or just enjoy it for what is is: a chance to have fun.  I’ve done both and think it’s worth visiting at least once.

 The dinner show at Xcaret Cancun (Xcaret Mexico Espectacular) shows dances, Aztec games, music, and cultural performances from across Mexico's history and today's states. Read more about the performance at Xcaret Cancun.  Understanding Mexican Culture Through Xcaret México Espectacular

Xcaret is the original “eco-archaeological park” in the Riviera Maya and the best way I can describe it is a Mexican Epcot.  I only had a few hours, so I focused in on my invitation to their nighttime Xcaret Mexico Espectacular, a dinner show that tells the story of Mexico’s history and then showcases music, dance, and traditional clothing from different regions of Mexico.  I expected a standard theme park performance, something haphazard and semi-interesting, but instead I was on the edge of my seat for the entire show.

 September 16 is Mexico's Real Independence Day and it's known as El Grito. Find out why this is the TRUE Independence Day, how it's different from Cinco de Mayo, and how to celebrate in Isla Mujeres (near Cancun Mexico).  Celebrating El Grito (Mexican Independence Day) on Isla Mujeres

El Grito de Mexico, better known as Mexican Independence Day on September 16, is celebrated nationwide. Festivities for El Grito Isla Mujeres include a reenactment, music, dancing, food, and fireworks.


Don’t Go to Oaxaca. You Might Hate It.

Oaxaca is a love-it-or-hate-it town. Get a quick overview of this colonial town best known for its food and art and then decide whether or not it’s right for your next trip to Mexico.

Unusual, Spectacular Hierve El Agua

An hour and a half outside of Oaxaca, Hierve el Agua is one of two petrified “waterfalls” in the world.  Over thousands of years, calcium carbonate and other minerals from flowing springs built up and hardened, creating tall white rock formations that tower over the surrounding valley, similar to the way stalactites are formed in a cave. The real draw is the natural pools overlooking these cliffs that you can swim in, believed to have healing properties.


san cristobal de las casas mexico chiapas What to Do in San Cristobal de las Casas

This two day itinerary to San Cristobal de las Casas will help you plan and organize what to do in San Cristobal Mexico (plus restaurant and hotel recommendations!). This beautiful colonial city in Chiapas is the perfect place to explore, relax, and enjoy a few day trips within the region.

 Get out of town from Comitan or San Cristobal de las Casas! A day trip to El Chiflon waterfalls is a gorgeous way to spend a day in Mexico. Hiking trails, picnic, swimming, and a zipline! Find out how to get there and how to plan your day.  Cascada El Chiflon and an Afternoon Outdoors

Get out of town from Comitan or San Cristobal de las Casas! A day trip to El Chiflon waterfalls is a gorgeous way to spend a day in Mexico. Hiking trails, picnic, swimming, and a zipline! Find out how to get there and how to plan your day.

El Cañon del Sumidero is the prettiest national park in Chiapas. Take a day trip from San Cristobal de las Casas (Chiapas, Mexico) to spot monkeys and crocodiles - plus gorgeous scenery. Here's how to plan your trip -- and what to watch out for.  Exploring the Sumidero Canyon

Without a doubt, Chiapas isn’t given credit for being the incredible destination it is.  It gained a bit more awareness in 2009 when Sumidero Canyon National Park was a candidate for the Seven New Natural Wonders of the World.  I loved this boat ride through gorgeous scenery and past wildlife like monkeys and crocodiles.

   A Photo Essay of Comitan

This town that you’ve never heard of is about as far south as you can get in Mexico before heading to the Guatemalan border. I went on a whim, and ended up enjoying the look at “real” Mexican life in this untouched town that still has plenty of things to do. Take a peek at how beautiful it is.

Additional Mexico Travel Planning Resources

Avoid Being Pickpocketed with this Easy SolutionMy sister was pickpocketed in Mexico City but you can keep your wallet secure and avoid the situation…or find out what to do if it happens.

Why Every Traveler Should Get a Charles Schwab ATM CardWithdraw cash — in the form of Mexican pesos — at a fair market exchange rate without any fees!

WARNING: You’re Losing Money By Not Using Credit Cards EffectivelyA credit card without foreign transaction fees is essential in Mexico.

Do You Need Travel Insurance?Be prepared in case of illness, injury, or emergency.

How to Avoid Tourist TrapsYou can choose between the comforts of home or a truly local experience if you want it.

How Much Do Travel Vaccines Cost?As an extra precaution, look into getting travel vaccines prior to your trip.

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