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You do not want to be the person who flies halfway around the world only to realize your travel gear is subpar.  Not only is it frustrating, but you’ll waste valuable time looking for replacements while traveling instead of spending your time sightDOING.  Skip all the inferior products and go straight to the good stuff with my recommendations for the best travel gear.

This post was originally written in 2015 but was updated in 2017 and again in 2020. Many of the recommendations have stayed the same (good gear lasts a long time!) but a few have changed. Everything on here is gear I actually use and love.

sightDOING Recommended Travel Gear

Packing is a breeze when you have the right products. These items are tried and true for solid performance at a reasonable pricepoint -- at 46 countries and counting.

My Favorite Bags

Clothing & Shoes

Most of the clothing I pack is based on my personal style and fit, so it’s hard to make specific recommendations.  A few brands to think about though:

  • Betabrand – for designs like “dressy yoga pants” and reversible dresses.  Save $15 off $75 with my link.
  • Look Human – for graphic t-shirts, tanks, and my favorite pullovers with cute travel quotes.
North Face Fleece Jacket


Great as outerwear in mild climates or as layers in the cold.  Get a neutral color to match everything.

Cabela’s Polartech Tights


Ladies, if you need long underwear for winter travel, this is what you want.  Looks lightweight but remarkably warm.

Columbia Raincoat


My first raincoat lasted 6 years of heavy wear and I liked it so much I replaced it with the same one.  I’ve done of a lot of hiking in the rain, so trust me when I say a good raincoat is necessary!

pickpocket proof underwearPanties with pockets


I always pack (or wear!) a pair of pickpocket-proof panties, which have pockets to store cash, credit cards, and passports.  If you don’t like the idea of hiding stuff in your underwear, grab a tank, tee, or scarf….just not the leggings, which were really weird.

Read the full review –> Pickpocket Proof Panties: A Travel Security Solution!

  Smartwool Socks


Smartwool socks protect your feet from blisters and sweat — and magically, they never smell.  I wear them exclusively.

Mala Flats


Who would’ve thought the best travel shoes would be on Etsy?  I’m obsessed – these are great shoes at a fraction of the cost of Tieks.

Merrell Water Shoes


Awesome multi-purpose shoes for beaches, hiking, and general outdoor sightDOING.  Plus, they’re light to pack!


Some people like to disconnect while traveling.  I don’t.

ASUS Chromebook Flip C302CA


I traded in my Macbook a few months ago for this Chromebook and couldn’t be happier.  Nearly 10 hours of battery life (and recharges quickly!), 12.5″ HD screen, about 2.5 pounds, and flips to a tablet.  A travel workhorse.

Olympus PEN Series


Easy to shoot so you can get a photo while you’re focused on sightDOING instead of photography.

WASPCam Action Camera


I have a WASPCam instead of a GoPro because it has all the features I wanted at about a third of the price.  Read my full review to learn more.

VINSIC Power Bank


Over the years, I’ve tried a few different external batteries and this is my favorite since it holds a lot of power and has quick charging capabilities — something I need when on the go.

Travel Adaptor


Now that I have an adaptor with two USB outlets built in, I’ll never go back to a standard one again.  I can charge 3 devices at once (2 USB + 1 normal plug) and leave the multi-plug outlet at home.  Works almost everywhere worldwide.


Sometimes it’s the little things.



I love my GoTubb containers to pack my accessories.  Use one for hair ties/pins and another for earrings.



Sunglasses are a MUST if you’ll be strolling city sights or spending time outdoors.  Pay up for a pair that fits you well; I wear Kate Spade but this is one purchase I think you need to try on in person.

Fake Wedding Ring


When I’m traveling solo, I seem to attract unwanted attention but yet I don’t want to wear my wedding ring since it’s a family heirloom and I’d be heartbroken if it was stolen.  While it’s not a scientific study, my $10 decoy ring seems to solve both problems.

Timex Ironman Watch


Watches are really handy (sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun) and this one has dual time zones, an alarm, backlight, and water resistance.

Personal Care

Hint: use a real ziploc for your liquid toiletries, not a slider bag…which always seem to break.  If you’re packing your own toiletries instead of using hotel freebies, I recommend GoToobs to avoid spilling.



I was skeptical at first, but this works amazing at keeping your brushhead clean (and not smelling like mildew if you have to brush and immediately run).

Venus Razor


A razor with built-in shaving “cream” is so much easier for packing and working in sometimes tiny shower stalls.

Human+Kind Family Remedy Cream


Not just lotion, it’s great for anti-itch, sunburns, insect bites, and razorburn (not that you’ll have any if you use the razor above).

Downy Wrinkle Releaser


Believe the hype: this actually works at smoothing out the creases in your clothing without ironing (and it smells good, too!).

Tide to Go Stain Remover


At home, it’s no big deal to soak and launder your clothing, but on the road, stain treatment is the best I can do.  Tide to Go has saved several of my outfits!


I’m not much of a beauty person, which is all the more reason I’ve simplified my routine to something quick to apply and easy to pack.

Chella Highlighter


This multipurpose cosmetic works as a brightener, concealer, primer, eye shadow, and more.  Worth the price.

Wow 1-Minute Transformation Cream


The reviews on Amazon are mixed, but with the right expectations it is a travel MIRACLE.  Don’t expect it to replace a good blowout, but it tames unruly, frizzy hair with 10 seconds of effort.

 Marc Jacobs Lip Creme


Easy to apply, never melts in my bag, and doesn’t smudge.  In short, a travel lifesaver.  Like most makeup at Sephora, it’s pricey but I haven’t found a drugstore equivalent.

First Aid

Every time I travel, my first aid kit gets more condensed.  It’s easy to find what you need in other places, so keep it simple.

 Pill Container


Find a divided container at the dollar store and use each slot for a different over-the-counter medication that you think you’ll need while traveling.  You may only have space for a dose or two, but that’ll bridge you enough time to hit a pharmacy at your destination.

Sawyer Water Filter


I ditched my Steripen and now I use this water filter when traveling to places where the tap water isn’t safe to drink.  Just like a Lifestraw but cheaper and higher performance.

Deet Wipes


Don’t mess around in malaria zones.  This insect repellent is easy to pack and easy to apply…and no chance of accidentally spilling chemicals all over your suitcase.

Electrolyte/Hydration Powder


Use it for traveler’s diarrhea or food poisoning — or safe to use for normal travel activities like sports or hiking (more electrolytes and less sugar than Gatorade).  I’ll be packing some for Oktoberfest hangovers, too.

“Green Goo” First Aid Salve


The remedy cream I listed above is pretty good, but this takes it a step further to relieve rashes, chafing, poison ivy, minor cuts and scrapes, fungal infections, and a whole slew of travel discomforts.

Travel Comfort (My In-Flight Personal Item)

Want more details?  Read my full guide on how to make long flights suck less.

manta sleep maskEye Shade


I look ridiculous every time I wear it, but these ugly eye masks have cutouts built in so your eyelids can flutter (normal sleeping behavior) and memory foam padding.  I need all the help I can get for better rest.



Finally, an earplug designed for smaller ears so that you can fully block sound without hurting your ears.

Sockwell Compression Socks


I’m no medical expert, but in theory compression socks make it safer to fly long distances by preventing swelling, increasing circulation, and somehow the pressure prevents fatigue.  I figure I have nothing to lose by wearing them.

Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm


I love Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm because it doubles as practical during the trip with SPF and a hint of color.



Nothing refreshes me better than brushing my teeth after a long flight.  There’s no need for water/rinsing with these and they slip easily into your bag.


I’m an outdoor girl at heart, as you probably know by now.

DryLite Towel


These pack down tiny and work like a shammy, wringing out so you can dry your entire body off easily.  I use a small, but these microfiber towels come in full size, too.

Nikon Binoculars


As a wildlife junkie, these are a must-have.  These are perfect for whale watches, national parks, and more — plus I can’t tell the difference between these and my husband’s $400 version.

BAFX Trekking Poles


I don’t use trekking poles often, but when I do, they make a world of difference.  These are lightweight, sturdy, and fully adjustable.

Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Bags


I cried a little when Mike splurged on these bags, but now I can’t live without them.  Great for protecting electronics when kayaking, backcountry camping, or general adventure travel.

Athletic Body Wipes


This is the second brand I’ve tried and I like this better because there’s no residue.  Perfect for those days when you’re hiking and want to go straight to a brewery (or if you want a “shower” after a long flight).

Things That Keep Me Happy

Not everyone will want to pack these, but I travel with them every single time.

bruce peninsula national parkContigo Autoseal Travel Mug


For coffee on the go (such a rarity outside the USA!) or for hot tea to relax me when travel gets stressful.  Why I love it: I can toss it in my bag upside-down and not worry about a spill.  Seriously!

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite travel gadgetsKindle Paperwhite


I rave about my Kindle every chance I get.  I download e-books from my local library and it’s obviously easier to pack than a dozen paperbacks.  Bonus: you can load PDFs (like your trip plans or emergency phone numbers) to reference on your Kindle.

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What are your favorite picks for travel gear?

18 thoughts on “Shop My Suitcase for Travel Gear Recommendations”

  1. Becky, Great article, valuable information. A question: I purchased the Belkin 3-outlet mini travel plug item some time ago. Nowhere on the item or in the packaging did I see anything about it being dual voltage so I returned it. Have you had any experience with that? I have a plug adapter for worldwide use, but don’t want to have to lug around voltage adapters. Thanks.

    1. @P T, I no longer carry an adapter BUT the only things I typically plug in are my laptop, camera charger, and cell phone…all of which can handle dual voltage without a separate adaptor. A lot of electronics are built that way now, so I’d check your specific items. Otherwise, you can plug the single item into a converter and then use the travel plug as intended.

      1. Becky, Well, you just educated me. All of the items I plug in are dual voltage too, but I thought the link between the power source and the item, i. e. the three outlet plug, had to be dual voltage as well. A big thanks! I might have to re-buy it.

  2. Becky,

    I have a good pair of Nikon binoculars, I use merino smart blend woollen socks, a travel belt with a zip in it and used to use the Sea to Summit towels (now use Travel Ideology ones). A good reliable travel pack is essential to a comfortable trip.

  3. A great list, I will be pinning it for when we travel next. I’ve been looking for a good carry on bag and trying to find a nice light weight one. Looks like you have a great option.

    1. @Scott, Absolutely. There are a few that might be more lightweight or have better warranties, but at 4x the price. I’m okay with the minor tradeoff.

    1. @Krystal, What’s ridiculous is I’d like to upgrade to the new style but my old ones are holding up so well that I can’t justify it. First world problems!

  4. WOW, great information here! I love how you mentioned not to wear your real wedding ring, I so agree on that tip! I’ve never heard of the panties with pockets, that’s pretty cool. I have heard many say Delsey Helium Sky Carry-On are one of the best I need to invest in one. Great post

  5. Thanks for the tips! Trying our first carry-on only trips this month. We are doing a long weekend to Kansas City this weekend, which should be easy, but a great trial run. The more difficult one is a 16 day Ireland, Scotland London trip staring at the end of September. The weather will be much cooler and very unpredictable. We will be moving around a lot so I want to keep it light. Your tips will be very handy!

    Now if I could just find pants for me!

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