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Bring your destination, product, or service to life!  

sightDOING offers several partnership ideas to bring a firsthand look of your brand in front of a targeted group of travelers always planning their next travels.

Why sightDOING?

Experiential travel is one of the most recent trends in travel.  It’s about participation, not observation — and in order to share these authentic experiences, you need a partner who shares user-generated content rather than cookie cutter marketing.

Travelers who enjoy sightDOING seek out opportunities to discover and immerse themselves in the culture and settings of places they visit.  They travel frequently, love trying new things, and want to learn from other destinations and people.

Someone who values sightDOING often incorporates the following elements into their travels:

  • Hands-on learning activities, like interactive classes or workshops
  • Outdoor soft adventure, like biking tours or snorkeling
  • Seeing well-known attractions but incorporating a unique twist, like behind-the-scenes tours
  • Opportunities to mingle and connect with locals or try multicultural experiences
  • Dining at restaurants offering local ingredients
  • Staying at one-of-a-kind accommodations, whether boutique hotels or bed and breakfasts

SightDOING Numbers

as of July 2018

Published Articles 475+   Twitter 5,000+
Monthly Unique Visitors 50,000+   Instagram      2,900+
Monthly Total Page Views 70,000+   Facebook 2,100+
      Pinterest 2,600+

Demographic Breakdown:

67% of readers are American / 42% age 25-34 / 60% female

About Becky

Becky Pokora is a Buffalo NY resident, frequent globetrotter, and outdoor enthusiast.  She encourages travelers to participate with local culture and activities on every trip and connect to the destination and community.  When she’s not traveling, Becky loves cooking, hiking, and spending time with her husband and dog.


reader testimonial
One of many reader testimonials.

By sharing her honest opinions, she’s gained a loyal following of readers who trust her recommendations, motivating them to travel somewhere new or include specific activities on their next vacation.  A selection of reader testimonials is included online.

Previous Partnerships

Becky has worked with tourism boards, group tour operators, hotels, and relevant travel brands to help them achieve their goals.  They leverage her online influence and expertise to promote their message to an engaged audience.  All collaborations are tailored to your goals.

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Sample Work with Media and Brands:

Quotes and Mentions:


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