Reader Testimonials

“I’m planning my summer based on your tweets…” – Renee (tweet 1/28/2021)

“This [Harbin Ice Festival] is now on my list (and I hate cold.” – Dia (tweet 1/22/2020)

“Great recommend. I bought one [packable backpack] based on your review. Never leave on a trip without packing it.” – Tim (tweet 9/1/2019)

“I’m planning my first ever Alaska trip and this article is EXACTLY what I was looking for.  Advice from somebody who has been there, done that, what to do, maybe what not to do, more adventurous rather than sight seeing.”  – Michael (comment 7/5/2019)

“Definitely putting Tasmania on my list!” – Trevor (tweet 4/30/2019)

“Your travels have definitely inspired me to take a few trips (Peru was one of them!”  – Naomi (tweet 4/10/2019)

“I wasn’t planning on getting a rental car [in Barbados] but your post is now making me reconsider it!” – Jonathan (tweet 10/17/2018)

“I hope to get there next summer. I’ll be sure to add this gelato shop to my must do list.” -Krystyna (tweet 8/1/2018)

“Thank you sightDOING: your tweet led me down a path that I didn’t previously know about… and we saved $3,000 on a family (6 pax) cruise!” – Jim (tweet 5/21/2018)

“Sounds great! Can’t make it this time but u inspired me 2 plan a trip 4 nxt yr that includes Spanish school & volunteering!” – Ananda (tweet 6/1/2016)

follow up from the actual trip!…

“we spent the day with Lisa @SmallChange4BigChange. So awesome. Read about it on your blog n just had to come n chk it out!” – Ananda (tweet 1/25/2017)

“…I also stayed at El Hostal and Taanah Guesthouse and loved them both. Thanks for your recommendations.” – Brittany (comment 11/23/2016)

“I’m going to the Finger Lakes (prob Seneca) end of Sept! Couldn’t pass up the chance after hearing you talk about them :)” – Leigh (tweet 8/17/2016)

“Thank you for this great post! I found it will researching Fes and I’m now staying at Dar Sefferine. It is stunning and just like you described.  I’m very grateful for all the information you provided. Thank you!” – Sean (comment 8/4/2016)

“…I pretty much followed the itinerary that you recommended and stayed in several of the places that you mentioned (Dar Safferine in Fez, Auberge Le Festival in Todra, Kasbah Amridil in Skoura) and also got lucky enough to have Jalil as our driver! :-)…” – Nalini (comment 4/5/2016)

Your insightful tips regarding T-Mobile international roaming truly were all I still needed to know to making the switch to T-Mobile soon.” – Sylvia (email 9/27/2015)

“I lived in Richmond for awhile growing up (graduated high school there!), and while the James is hands down my favorite part of the city, I’ve still not been rafting there! You’ve inspired me to make it a priority next time I’m back in town to visit my dad.” – Katie 9/9/2015

“You inspired our family trip to Ithaca and Corning NY!” – Kadence 6/27/2015

We copied your itinerary almost to a T to plan our trip in Morocco. Thanks for writing it!” – Anna and Atish (email 12/28/2014)

“Wow! Great photos, and your commentary brings [the trek] to life…” – Edward Purkey 11/13/2014

“I really enjoy the variety of your posts and love the direction it has gone since leaving BA – your trips do inspire me.” – Suzanne 9/4/2014

“Thank you for your honest opinions. I am planning a trip [to the Creeper Trail] with my three kids and my husband. I wasn’t sure about the whole ride or where to start. You helped me decide (Whitetop to Damascus).” – Veronica 5/4/2014

Becky, due to your visit to Slovenia and your trip reports, my husband and I are headed there next week. We are so excited! Thank you for opening up this corner of the world for us.” – P T  4/18/2014

“[eBags packing cubes] would be great – since you reviewed them, I’ve been eyeing getting a set for myself.– Amanda S 12/2/2013

We used this Itinerary as a basic outline for our time at [Rocky Mountain National Park], it was a great help!” – Martin 11/12/13

I love that you have introduced me to many sites that I had not heard of before. Kudos to you and keep it up. I’ve learned so much from you.” – airlandandsea (Jane S.) 9/26/2013

Industry Testimonials

Email received in response to post: Shh…Don’t Share My Secret:

“Becky, this is some of the best travel writing about the VA Eastern Shore I’ve read — you really captured the essence.” – Eastern Shore Tourism 8/5/16

Tweet received in gratitude to a retweet:

Email received in response to sponsored post: Better Travel Photos in 5 Minutes or Less with CyberLink PhotoDirector:

The post is fantastic.  Thanks again for putting this together, it’s be [sic] a pleasure to work with you.  So far our team has been very happy with the coverage. – CyberLink 12/30/14

Email received in response to post: A Suggested Two-Week Morocco Itinerary:

I’m emailing you to be the first to know that my company Morocco Unplugged just received Tripadvisor Certificat[sic] of excellence 🙂 and this has a lot to do with your help.  Thanks a lot for all your help. -Jalil Benbili 4/29/14

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