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One of my travel goals is to visit all 50 states.  I’m up to 47 so far with a goal of seeing all 50 by the end of 2020.

map of us states visited
Visited 47 states (94% of USA) as of September 2019
[Map by Douwe Osinga’s Projects]

Here’s a list tracking the progress of all my US States visited, with the date of my most recent visit in parentheses:

Alabama (April 2019)

Alaska (September 2017)

Arizona (November 2016)


California (April 2019)

Colorado (August 2015)

Connecticut (June 2012)

Delaware (September 2005)

Florida (March 2017)

Georgia (January 2012)

Hawaii (March 2014)

Idaho (January 2014)

Illinois (November 2017)

Indiana (August 2011)

Iowa (as a child)

Kansas (April 1995)

Kentucky (October 2011)

Louisiana (December 2008)

Maine (June 2017)

Maryland (August 2013)

Massachusetts (June 2019)

Michigan (February 2019)


Mississippi (March 2013)

Missouri (~1991, due to return!)

Montana (September 2019)

Nebraska (1991?)

Nevada (April 2016)

New Hampshire (November 2011)

New Jersey (July 2018)

New Mexico (May 2017)

New York (I live here!)

North Carolina (July 2017)

North Dakota (September 2019)

Ohio (February 2019)


Oregon (May 2013)

Pennsylvania (September 2018)

Rhode Island (in high school)

South Carolina (August 2017)

South Dakota (September 2019)

Tennessee (March 2013)

Texas (October 2019)

Utah (June 2013)

Vermont (as a child)

Virginia (December 2018)

Washington (July 2015)

West Virginia (September 2015)

Wisconsin (April 2017)

Wyoming (September 2019)

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