Don’t Miss Conejo Valley

Biking in Conejo Valley California is my husband’s dream come true.  There are rolling hills (plus a few serious climbs), bike lanes, and drivers actually remember to make space for cyclists. It’s my dream come true, too, but for different reasons.  It’s gorgeous in all directions, so different from nearby Los Angeles.  And it’s the …

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Kayaking the Channel Islands, California’s Unknown National Park

santa cruz channel islands

Eighteen million people live within sixty miles of Channel Islands National Park but that’s nothing compared to the number of animals that make their home there. Just like the Galapagos, long-term isolation created a home for unique animals and plants.  The Channel Islands and the surrounding waters are preserved the way coastal southern California once …

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San Francisco

At the Very Beginning of Our Bike Ride

After spending the first part of trip visiting Monterey and Yosemite, we arrived in San Francisco around 3pm on Thursday after driving in from Yosemite. We were pleasantly surprised at how little traffic was on the highway and Bay Bridge as we entered the city, but quickly faced the reality of city driving in San Francisco. After checking in and …

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Yosemite National Park

Day 4 After spending Days 1-3 in Monterey/Carmel/Big Sur and Day 4 in Pinnacles National Monument, we arrived in Oakhurst (near the southern entrance to Yosemite National Park) on the evening of Day 4. We were starving after only a picnic lunch, so we stopped at El Cid for dinner before checking in to our hotel. …

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Pinnacles National Park

After three wonderful days in the Monterey area, we finally “slept in” with a wake-up at 6:30! What a change for us! We started our morning with breakfast at the Wild Plum Café (okay, but nothing special), and then hit up the grocery store for some picnic shopping since we’d be headed off to no-mans land for …

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Monterey, Carmel, and Big Sur

california coast

We just returned from a week-long trip to California, so thought I’d share my trip report. Over the past few years, I’ve gotten tons of great advice from locals, but have often found that traveler’s experiences are one of the best references since they often see things from a slightly different slant.  Hopefully my experience …

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