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It is my goal (and pleasure!) to share travel tips, stories, and photos with you.  In addition to articles on the blog, I love to answer questions via comments, social media, or email.

If I’ve helped you save money on your vacation, made your travel experience go smoother, or even just entertained you, I would be truly grateful for any support you can provide.  There are a number of ways you can show your appreciation without spending a dime.

Here’s How to Support sightDOING:

Make a Purchase!

Some of my articles include affiliate links.  What that means: when you make a purchase using a promo code I’ve mentioned or by using a link in my article, I receive compensation in the form of a commission or bonus travel credits at no additional cost to you.  

Please consider starting your next Amazon purchase through my web store, book your travel through my favorite websites, or keep an eye out for other links I’ve included in other posts.  These purchases help keep my website running!

Share the Love!

Even non-financial purchases can make a big difference here.  You can show your support for sightDOING by spreading the word about my blog.  Sharing my posts or following me on social media makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and personal recommendations to your friends are always the best!

Hire Me!

One of the main ways I make a living these days is through freelance writing.  Though I tend to focus a lot on travel articles because they’re the most fun, I also have experience with other topics.  If you have upcoming projects, I’d love to hear about them.  I’d also appreciate it if you pass my name on to friends, family, and coworkers who may have freelance needs.

Any support will go a long way in keeping this website running and/or funding my travel so I can continue to offer reviews, travel tips, and other content.  I appreciate your support through ANY of these methods and am truly grateful for your readership.

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  1. Hi I went to subscribe to your newsletter for travel tips and got a message that it’s not operational at this time so you should put a note on the website so people know it’s being taken a break or in the process of updating etc.

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