The Small, Unexplored Town of Comitan Mexico

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Let’s play a game: with just a few clues and a handful of photos, you guess the city I’m currently in.  First person to guess correctly in the comments gets bragging rights and a postcard from me.  (EDIT: Winner has been contacted!)

This town that you've never heard of is about as far south as you can get in Mexico before heading to the Guatemalan border. I went on a whim, and ended up enjoying the look at "real" Mexican life in this untouched town that still has plenty of things to do. Take a peek at how beautiful it is.

Without knowing anything about this city — or even that it existed — I decided to book a 2-night stay, sight unseen.  It’s quickly become one of my favorite stops of the trip.


HINT #1: It’s not a touristy place, and in fact, I haven’t seen a single foreigner yet, though there are a handful of visitors who live elsewhere in the country.

square 2

HINT #2: It has a vibrant city square, perfect for drinking wine and cappuccinos, people-watching, and listening to street performers.

main square 1

square 3

HINT #3: It has a surprisingly European flair, perhaps due to its historical influence.


HINT #4: Churches abound and religion is an important part of life.

church 1

church 2

church 3

HINT #5: The food is delicious!



Do you know where I am?

I’m in Comitan, Chiapas, Mexico as guessed first by Tara in the comments below!

9 thoughts on “The Small, Unexplored Town of Comitan Mexico”

    1. @Tara, Great guess! You’re exactly right and I had a lovely stay there. Send me your address and I’ll send a postcard your way from here in Mexico.

  1. Looks like Merida to me…… Wonderful city with friendly people, great architecture aned excellent food!

    1. @jettyboy, I agree – Antigua was quite touristy but I liked it anyway. These pictures are actually from Comitan (Chiapas), Mexico like Tara guessed above. There were some Mexican tourists, but I didn’t see any foreigners.

  2. Bievenidos a Comitán!

    An earlier post said you were headed to Chiapas, and a little hunting with Google Maps and Goole images produced a match!

    1. @Scott, Thanks for the welcome! You’re correct – Comitán is a great city with a cute little historical center. Great Google hunting! Tara actually guessed before you, but since her comment was still sitting in my approval queue when you posted, I’ll call it a tie. Send along your address and I’ll mail a postcard to you from Chiapas!

  3. LOL, I seem to be having that problem with commenting on all blogs, I have no idea why. From Mexico to Australia you would be better to send a Christmas card, LOL. How about we make things easy. Wherever you are now, take a photo of the prettiest bird you see and post it.

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