What is SightDOING®?

With the exception of a small subset of adventurous-minded people, the majority of tourists focus on sightseeing when they’re on vacation.  Half the time they’re mindlessly following guidebook routes to complete their destination checklist and snap a few photos.  The other half of the time they’re sitting at the hotel bar or on a lounge chair at the beach.  That’s sightseeing, not sightDOING®.

sightseeing definition
Sightseeing: the traditional act of traveling

I’ve got absolutely nothing against these tourists.  In fact, I’ve taken those types of trips myself and I think there’s a lot of merit to giving yourself a mental break.  There are times when I want nothing more than to escape from the daily grind and I’m sure you’ve had those moments too.  If that’s what you’re looking for, buy a guidebook.  Rent a beach house.  Plan a reunion with your friends.  You don’t need to read sightDOING if you want a basic vacation.

But if you want to create meaningful memories, expand your horizons, grow as a person, and connect with local culture, you need to engage with your destination.

sightdoing definition the girl and globe

What is sightDOING?

SightDOING is getting involved when you travel.  It’s making an effort to not spend your time away from home passively and intentionally seeking out opportunities to participate in activities and join in at local events.

creeper trail bike ride
Active Travel: Biking in southwestern Virginia on a fall day

Active Travel

Although not scientifically proven, I’m convinced that the more you sweat in order to see something, the more you’ll appreciate it.  Get outside and starting moving on your next trip: it’ll help you recover from jet lag, be an interesting change of pace from your daily routine, and you won’t feel so guilty when you indulge at dinner or the spa afterwards!

Try it: 

zipline garrafon park isla mujeres cancun mexico
Soft Adventure: Ziplining over the ocean in Isla Mujeres, near Cancun, Mexico

Soft Adventure

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.  I guarantee if your adrenaline is pumping, you’ll go home with a good story to tell, great memories, and maybe even a one-of-a-kind photo.  What qualifies as an adventure is different for everyone; what’s important is that you take a big step and push yourself in some sort of challenge.

semana santa antigua Guatemala alfombra carpet
Cultural Interaction: Joining in with neighbors in Guatemala to make a sand “carpet” before Easter.

Cultural Interaction

If you go halfway around the world just to order a hamburger, talk with other tourists, and stay in a Holiday Inn that looks just like the one in your own city, it’s almost as if you haven’t left home.  Yes, it can be stressful to fully immerse yourself in a culture, but at some point, making an effort might lead to new friendships or realizations that you have something to learn from the rest of the world.

Try It:

glassblowing murano italy competitours
Hands-on Experiences: Learning (and respecting!) the art of glass-blowing in Murano.

Hands-On Experiences

When you don’t understand the process of doing something, it’s hard to appreciate the significance of it.  After you’ve seen firsthand how hard it can be to make something by hand or how many intricacies there are in some rituals, you’ll realize how much respect others deserve for their talents.  Besides, you may just discover a new passion or hobby of your own!

Try It:

Camel Riding Morocco Desert
Unique activities: Camel riding in the Moroccan desert.

Unique Activities

Opportunities to try something one-of-a-kind are limitless when you start exploring the world.  I love distinctive festivals, quirky attractions, and trying things that no one else has ever heard of before, but even things that are just semi-unusual can be a fun way to mix things up.  Don’t pass up the occasion to participate in weird things.

Try It:


I think travel has more to do with how you experience a destination than about where you go.  Everywhere in the world has something to offer, even if you go somewhere close to home and even if you don’t have much time.  It’s likely you’ll have to plan some time researching activities instead of simply showing up with a guidebook

I’m not the expert when it comes to Renaissance art or Michelin dining, but I do know how to explore the world and guarantee that you’ll have something to remember.  The next time you’re looking for the next thing to incorporate into your travels, come to The Girl and Globe.  I’ll have a story to share and an inspiration for your next adventure.

The world is waiting for you.  It’d be a shame not to experience it.

its a big world out there quote
Photo used with permission from picturequotes.com

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7 thoughts on “What is SightDOING®?”

  1. Si, I have to agree with you on sightDOING. My world is a visual one so hearing people talk about it doesn’t do a thing for me. But seeing and doing what people are talking about is the best way to enjoy my world. I’m looking forward to your posts and tweets. Keep on inspiring us all.

    1. @Mark, Keep on traveling! It sounds like you’ve managed to make some great connections with people and cultures even without hearing. An inspiration for us all!

  2. Hi Becky, I’ve only recently come across your site and have now subscribed 🙂
    I think its amazing what you have achieved here with the site and social media connections.
    All this on top of all the traveling and writing well well done, I love it and its an inspiration to us all. I found your article on Nepal and Poon Hill treck interesting as the last time I was there was 1988 on the Jomson Treck with stopping off at Poon Hill. I was 39 years old then and even now I still love to travel and read about places I havent been to yet or how they have changed since I did. After your post on Nepal I decided to look into it again and my goodness it has changed. I’m so glad I went 28years ago and it has inspired me scan my films from my 2 months in Nepal and start posting a few on Instagram. Thanks again. :-)) Tony

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