5 Travel Deals I Count On Every Year

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You know that feeling when you want to travel but you don’t have any money?  Yeah, I mean that feeling you probably have right now.  It happens to me all the time and I end up scouring the internet to see what deals pop up.  These are the recurring travel deals I see year after year and keep in the back of my head as bargain travel ideas.

Here are five destinations known for travel deals! Make your budget, take a cheap trip, and jet off to the USA and Europe without spending a ton.

Roadtrip to Florida for $8/Day

Pack your bags now!  Every fall, Hertz starts offering one-way rental cars for $7.99/day from the northeast (and even mid-atlantic!) to Florida.

If you live in the northeast, that’s a good excuse to plan a roadtrip for some southern food and sunshine before flying home.

If you live in Florida, fly at the front end and check out fall colors before heading back south.

siesta key florida
Wouldn’t you like to end up here?

Why You Should Go: The number of great stops is unlimited and you have full control on the route.  I love the Finger Lakes in October, obviously vote for Richmond VA, and think Charleston, SC is a great stop too.

Why You Might Skip It: You need longer than a weekend to make this one worthwhile

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Iceland in the Winter

I took a chance on Reykjavik in the dead of winter because I couldn’t beat the package price.  It ended up being a great getaway, with the chance to see other-worldly landscapes and glimpse the northern lights.  There are great prices on packages every winter and WOWair has low airfare if you want to book things independently.  Remember, “winter” in Iceland starts in the end of September!

Snow can add to the experience!
Snow can add to the experience!

Why You Should Go: You can book an international getaway for 4 day/3 night trip including airfare, hotel, tours, and meals for less than $1,000 per person.

Why You Might Skip It: Buying the right winter clothes can be expensive if you don’t already have them.

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Repositioning Cruises in Spring and Fall

Cruise ships have to move from one region of the world to another to keep up with customer demand.  Every spring, ships head from the Caribbean and South America across the Atlantic to Europe and return in the fall.  They’d rather sell rooms at low prices than not at all — so you’ll have access to onboard sightDOING like rock-climbing and cooking classes plus a few port stops along the way.

I've had some great adventures via cruising!
I’ve had some great adventures via cruising!

Why You Should Go: Two-week cruises for less than $500.  Enough said.  (Hint: use frequent flyer miles for a one-way flight home to save on airfare)

Why You Might Skip It: Not everyone can take 2-3 weeks of consecutive vacation time.

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Phoenix in Summer

My sister and I’s budget trip to Arizona is still one of my favorite sister trips ever.  The weather is outrageously hot, but resorts have great sales.  It’s the perfect excuse to explore in the mornings and evenings but then cool off at the pool midday or nap in your luxurious suite.  You’ll find the best deals between Memorial Day and Labor Day in Phoenix, but check shoulder season into September/October plus Tucson as well.

Visiting Arizona in the summer simply meant we spent more time enjoying resort amenities, like waterslides, lazy rivers, and pool bars.
Visiting Arizona in the summer simply meant we spent more time enjoying resort amenities, like waterslides, lazy rivers, and pool bars.

Why You Should Go: I’ve seen the Waldorf-Astoria for $129/night including a $100 food and beverage credit + a million other properties to choose from at low prices.

Why You Might Skip It: If margaritas, swimming, and spa groupons aren’t your thing, the trade-off might not be worth it.

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Dominican Republic in Early Fall

All of the Caribbean becomes more affordable in September and October since it’s hurricane season.  Just check package deals from Bahamas’ Atlantis or resorts in Puerto Rico.  But no one outdoes the Dominican Republic and there’s still a shot that weather could be perfect.  Even if it isn’t, this country has enough to offer that you won’t be bored on a rainy day.

punta cana
There isn’t a hurricane every day, even during hurricane season.

Why You Should Go: Small crowds, waterfall hikes, and great food on an island with more than just the beach.

Why You Might Skip It: If you actually just want to swim and sunbathe, this island’s not for you in rainy season.  But you’re here for the sightDOING, right?

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Looking for other ideas?  

Let’s make a running list in the comments!  If you know of a particular destination offering a great deal on a consistent basis, let us know where to go.

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10 thoughts on “5 Travel Deals I Count On Every Year”

  1. OK, I’m a little in love with these ideas. I was particularly sold on the cruises to the old world (I would love to take the cooking classes!) but I live close to Phoenix (read: within 5-6 hour drive) so that might be my best bet right off.

    Thank you so much for doing the leg work on this!

  2. Wow… great suggestions. I will checking into some of these. Right now I need finish planning our trip to Ireland but the Dominican Republic would be great for the fall!

  3. Awesome suggestions! I would love to visit the Dominican Republic in Early Fall, it has been on my list for sometime but I do worry about the hurricanes! Most importantly, I like that they are all affordable trips.

  4. I had no idea about these deals, I love that you share them so that others can find out about them and get out there to enjoy the world. I so want to take a nice road trip with the kids, Florida is about a 24 hour drive straight down from NH.

    1. @Brandy, That roadtrip would be perfect if you had a week. 24 hours isn’t too bad if you’re only going one-way (and flying the other) and make lots of stops so it’s an adventure!

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