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Looking for articles on a particular destination?  You’ll find them broken out by country below, along with the date of my most recent visit listed for reference.

54 countries as of February 2024 // Map by Travel Tip

Antarctica (March 2023)

Australia (May 2019)

Austria (July 2018)

Bahamas (January 2010)

Barbados (Sep. 2018)

Belgium (June 2014)

Belize (Mar. 2017)

Canada (January 2023)

Cayman Islands (Jan. 2010)

Chile (Mar. 2023)

China (Jan. 2019)

Colombia (February 2016)

Costa Rica (April 2018)

Croatia (June 2021)

Czech Republic (July 2018)

Ecuador (March 2005)

El Salvador (June 2023)

England (May 2016)

Egypt (December 2020)

France (June 2016)

Germany (June 2022)

Guatemala (November 2021)

Honduras (Jan. 2010)

Hong Kong (Feb. 2017)

Hungary (Aug 2018)

Iceland (Dec. 2013)

Italy (June 2022)

Kenya (December 2019)

Laos (Nov. 2014)

Macau (May 2015)

Malaysia (January 2024)

Mexico (November 2023)

Montenegro (June 2021)

Morocco (Dec. 2012)

Nepal (Nov. 2014)

Netherlands (June 2014)

New Zealand (November 2022)

Nicaragua (Nov. 2013)

Norway (June 2018)

Panama (Feb. 2023)

Peru (Jan. 2017)

Poland (July 2016)

Saint Kitts (Feb. 2012)

Saint Lucia (Feb. 2012)

Singapore (February 2024)

Slovenia (July 2013)

Spain (Sep. 2017)

Sri Lanka (Apr. 2018)

Sweden (July 2016)

Switzerland (June 2014)

Thailand (February 2024)

Vietnam (Feb. 2017)

United Arab Emirates (January 2024)

United States (I live here!)

Uruguay (Mar. 2023)

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12 thoughts on “Find Articles by Country”

  1. @P T, I’m mostly set. I’ve got some trekking out of Pokhara lined up along with whitewater rafting and canyoning in the area plus the basics of Kathmandu on my agenda. However, I definitely still have a little extra time in Kathmandu so if you have suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

  2. Hi Becky
    I am really sorry to see that you have not been to South Africa !! I love travelling and have been to most of the places you have been to. I enjoyed all my trips and love seeing new countries, places and people and try out all the different foods.
    I am a South African and would like to invite you to come to Cape Town. Would love to help you do any planning for any of your travels here.

    Kind regards


    1. @Estelle, I’m very sorry too! South Africa seems like an amazing country that I’d love to visit. Hopefully I get the chance soon. Thanks very much for stopping by and the invitation.

    1. @Lau, I didn’t have a blog at the time of my visit and I’m afraid any information I have at this point may be outdated. Lots of other great resources on the web for you if you are planning a trip!

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