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Some of the best travel in the world is in the United States! With so many different regions to choose from, you’re sure to find a city or state that’s perfect for your personality and interests. I’ve got travel guides for most of the county, all easily sorted so you can find what you’re looking for. Start browsing or reading these articles to get information on what to see, where to go, what it costs, and how to plan your next travel adventure in the USA.

North to Alaska: Driving the Haul Road to Prudhoe Bay

dalton highway overview

This guest post is courtesy of my husband (Mike) and summarizes his first trip up the Haul Road. As of 2019, he’s now driven it 3 times! For me, a roadtrip starts over 300 miles; otherwise it’s a weekend getaway.  I’m a self-proclaimed driver and my standard may be off from the general public as a guy who once put 50K on a Dodge Charger in a […]

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San Francisco

At the Very Beginning of Our Bike Ride

After spending the first part of trip visiting Monterey and Yosemite, we arrived in San Francisco around 3pm on Thursday after driving in from Yosemite. We were pleasantly surprised at how little traffic was on the highway and Bay Bridge as we entered the city, but quickly faced the reality of city driving in San Francisco. After checking in and

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