2 Super Simple Ways to Boost Your Savings

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I’ve said it time and time again: travel is expensive.  Even on my absolute budget trips, I still manage to spend hundreds of dollars, if not thousands.  Airfare, hotels, meals, and sightDOING all add up.  I’ve learned to travel on a budget, but let’s face it: sometimes a splurge is really memorable.

Big changes to your budget and lifestyle can lead to big savings, but if all you want is a little extra to cover the cost of a splurge, these tips will have you dining at five-star restaurants and springing for private tours in no time.

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Receive Refunds on Price Drops – Automatically

You wouldn’t believe how many stores will give you a refund (or store credit) if the price drops.  That’s a good way to save a few dollars here or there, but unless you stay really vigilant or get lucky and stumble upon the information, it’s usually more effort than it’s worth.

Paribus is an online company that tracks prices and files claims for you — so you don’t lift a finger.  They do this by scanning your inbox receipts to see what you’ve purchased and then comparing those prices at later times to make sure that you got the best deal possible.  Right now, they only work with 24 merchants, though it includes several big retailers.

I was hesitant at first, but it works really, really well.

paribus | how to save money for travelThey scan prices frequently over the course of 7-15 days (depending on merchant price adjustment policy) and really do everything for you.  I got a confirmation email after the adjustment above stating the refund to my credit card.  Is $3 a lot?  No, but I’ve had success on multiple orders and it does add up.

So what’s the catch?  Paribus files the first claim free, and after that they take 25% of your refund in fees (sign up with my link and it drops to 20%).  Considering I probably wouldn’t be bothered to do this on my own, I think that’s worth the fee.  I’m really curious to see how this works when I start to do all my holiday shopping and sales change every day!

Receive Rebates on Almost All Online Purchases

Roughly 92% of all my shopping, I do online.  It’s partly because I’m lazy and partly because I usually find better prices online than in stores.  Plus, on almost every purchase, I can earn another 1-10% cash back in rebates by starting my purchase at an online shopping portal.

These portals should be your starting point for all online shopping.  Simply searching for your intended website and clicking through their link is all it takes to get an e-rebate.  They do this because they are actually earning a commission on your purchase (and like Paribus, passing on a lot of the savings to you!).

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My favorite website is probably Mr. Rebates because they track purchases correctly and don’t require minimum dollar amounts to cash out.  Other great websites are Ebates (get an extra $10 just for joining), Top Cash Back ($10 for joining), and Giving Assistant (one of the few sites that has cash back on Amazon).  Combined with an Amazon Prime membership, online shopping can be rewarding.

Just like with Paribus, you might only earn $2-3 at a time, but I earn a few hundred dollars per year — on purchases I would have made anyway.

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How do you save money for travel?

These two strategies explain how to save money for travel without breaking a sweat! Boost your travel funds easily for vacation splurges.

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24 thoughts on “2 Super Simple Ways to Boost Your Savings”

  1. And how does this service work with portal cashback? In my experience when you change your transaction in any way (like return/rebuy or adjust purchase amount) retailers often “clawback” your portal cashback bonus. When Paribus files a claim for you – does your portal cashback get reversed?

    1. @Kons, I personally haven’t experienced that yet. Most likely it will depend on both the merchant and the portal, but many “fall under the radar”

    1. @Mark, I’ve used them before but after trying with about 10 rentals, they’ve never gotten me a better price than I would on my own. Now I don’t bother and use a mix of corporate codes (legitimately) and Priceline.

  2. Paribus actually saved me $80 on its first activation! I had even forgotten I’d signed up for it, but it caught a huge price drop on a sushi knife at Bloomingdales and surprised me with the refund!

  3. There are two places I go off the bat to see who might the best rebates. evreward.com and then cashbackmonitor.com. I usually only use ebates and mrrebates.com so the first site usually has those two. The second site gives you almost every site ut there.

  4. Paribus sounds like a great idea for saving money, especially since it means they do the work for me and I don’t have to check back to see if the price changed.

  5. I’ve never heard of Paribus before but you better believe me when I say, I’m going to give them a try! Thanks for sharing

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