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Finances and travel budget is a big part of planning for any trip, even if you’re not penny-pinching. Learn how to be mindful with your spending and get value for every dollar. Here’s all my advice (and a few hacks!) for how to save money to travel more often, how to get the best prices on airfare, hotels, and tours, plus how to stretch your dollar more efficiently. It’s all right here because the more you save, the more you can travel!

Bumping 101 and Denied Boarding Compensation

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I absolutely love that airlines overbook flights. I’ve scored hundreds of dollars of airline vouchers from voluntarily denied boarding compensation (“being bumped”).  That equals free flights and more travel for me, all because an airline sold more tickets from seats and I was flexible on which flight I took to get home. However, for every person out there that loves being bumped, there’s someone who has a rigid schedule and can’t afford to end up on a different flight.  Here’s the skinny on denied boarding compensation – and how to handle it based on where you fall on the love/hate spectrum. Bumped …

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