Earn $160 in FREE Travel Credits!

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If I ever added up how much money I’ve spent on travel over the past few years, I’d probably cry.  Even though I’ve gotten incredible value from these experiences, I’m always looking for free travel.

Luckily, there are new travel services being introduced all the time.  Some of them are built to last, offering a unique approach or significant cost-savings.  Others are simply average but will give you a discount the first time you try them out.  Saving $25 here or there adds up over the course of a year — letting you travel more often for the same cost.

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The only stacks of money I have are quarters for the laundromat. (Photo Credit)

All of these programs will offer you free travel credit just by signing up.  I’m sure there are even more which I’ve never had the opportunity to try (if so, please share them in the comments).

Many of these programs offer a referral “bonus” to me in the form of additional travel credits if you book a stay.  You don’t have to sign up through my links — look in the comments for other readers’ links and share your own, or ask a friend for their link.  However, these services advertise via word of mouth, meaning if you sign up without a specific link, you might not get the savings.

Save Money on Hotels

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Airbnb – $25 Off Your First StayAirbnb is one of my absolute favorite booking engines.  Staying in guesthouses, private apartments, or cottages is often cheaper than a standard hotel.  Plus you can get more space, kitchen facilities, or other special amenities.  Hint: Plan ahead because private owners can’t always pull a reservation together quickly.
NEW IN 2019 –> You can also get $10 off your first $50+ Airbnb experience (tour)! 

Hipcamp – $10 off Your First Reservation: Hipcamp is basically Airbnb for campgrounds and cabins; people who have beautiful outdoor property and are willing to share it will give you space to park your tent or RV.  But if you’re not into camping, don’t worry: there are also plenty of cabins and cottages available, too and I had a great retreat in the Hudson Valley!

Read More –> Your Secret Weapon for Camping When Everything’s Sold Out

HotelTonight – $25 Off Your First Stay with code RPOKORA: Now that HotelTonight offers a large variety of cities and 7-day advanced booking, I really like it.  Sometimes their offers are huge bargains; other times, barely better than booking directly.  Do your research and wait until you save big.

jetsetter travel freeJetsetter – $25 Off Your First Booking: Jetsetter offers savings off list price, but a discount on a high-end hotel can still lead to a high price tag.  Still, this one’s worth bookmarking for an upscale stay in regions with affordable prices, like snagging a 5* hotel in Nicaragua for $100.

TravelPony – $35 Off Your First Booking of $200+: Hitting a $200 purchase isn’t hard on a multiple night stay, plus this discount can be used in addition to coupons/promotions they offer.  Keep your eye out for savings events to get the best price possible.

Save Money on Public Transportation

uber travel freeUber – $2 off each of your first 3 ridesI was slow to try Uber, mainly because I rarely use taxi services and prefer public transportation, walking, or a rental car.  However, I’ll admit that sometimes a taxi makes the most sense.  Uber is a streamlined way to hail a car from your mobile phone and pay via credit card (and even split tabs).


Lyft – $10 Off Your First Ride with code REBECCA076369Lyft isn’t as widely-available as Uber, but it works roughly the same way.  Once you download the app, you can get a discount on your first ride.

Silvercar – $25 Visa Gift Card After First Rental with code RPOKORANo doubt about it, Silvercar is different from other rentals.  They provide a full-service experience and Audi vehicles to set themselves apart.  Of course, you’ll pay for that privilege: about double a normal rental car cost.  However, with the first time discount, I think it’s worth it.  Hint: Silvercar is unfortunately only in major U.S. cities.

Bonus Miles

There are still a handful of programs that offer you bonus miles just for joining…but most do not.

  • Amtrak: 500 Points for Joining and Completing Your First Trip Within 90 Days
  • Club Carlson: 2000 Points for Joining and Completing Your First Trip Within 90 Days
  • Marriott: 2000 Bonus Points on Your First Stay
  • Stash Hotels: 500 Bonus Points On Your First Stay

With all these options (and new ones being added every day), there aren’t a lot of excuses to pay full price for your next trip.  Every dollar I’ve spent on travel has been worthwhile, but overspending is just wasting.  Add up all these savings and maybe next time, you’ll have enough saved up for another trip.

Do you have other tips on how to get travel discounts?  Share your finds in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Earn $160 in FREE Travel Credits!”

  1. Thanks for putting together this list! It might come in handy next time we’re traveling some place where we can use those discounts. I’m a bit wary of airbnb since I heard some negative stories about them, but this might be the one we use first!

  2. @Jolanta, I think the trick to airbnb is putting time into research. Unlike a chain hotel, every room will be quirky, so you need to look at photos, read reviews, and maybe even email the host ahead of time with questions. I’ve had great experiences 75% of the time and a mediocre experience once (but it was so cheap, it was worthwhile). I’ve never had a negative or horror story.

  3. Thanks Becky! I just checked Stayful.com and you can get $100 for every 10 friends that sign up. So we can increase the credit account for our travels even more 😉

  4. These are awesome, Becky. I love using ebates for everything I buy online. They give anywhere from 1-25% cash back on tons of online purchases, so it’s a great way to save more money for travel There’s a $10 bonus right off the bat for signing up and then you can get cash back on everything from priceline.com to hotels.com, orbitz and more.

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