Travel Tips

Be a smarter traveler! With these travel tips, you’ll be able to save money, navigate like a pro, and use your time wisely. I’ve got information on the best gear, packing lists, and more resources right here.

What is Value Travel?

Right now I’m obsessing over costs in Kenya, wondering how long of a journey I’m willing to take on a matatu bus and whether or not I should pay up for the hotel closest to Nairobi airport or stay farther away to save $50. However, in my past travels, I’ve also paid for a private …

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Why Travelers Need a VPN

Tunnel Bear

When I’m on the road, wi-fi hotspots are essential to my work and they’re relatively easy to find.  However, these hotspots are horrifically insecure unless you use a VPN. Most people know they shouldn’t log into their bank accounts or transmit personal information over public internet connections, but frankly that’s only half the battle.  Simply checking your …

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