Live Vicariously Through This Photo Tour of the Grand Tetons

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In the Grand Tetons, you either need two days or your whole life.

During summer, this part of Wyoming is easily toured by car. Most park roads run through the valley, looking up at the imposing mountains. Drive from one overlook to the next, snap some photos, take a walk. You’ll find wildlife, watch a sunset, and maybe branch out for a boat ride on Jenny Lake. Still have time? Most people opt for a trip down the Snake River–peacefully floating or eagerly rafting, depending on the stretch–and round things out with an overpriced dinner back in town.

Two days, and you’ve done it all.

Unless, like me, your soul calls for the mountains. We spent four days hiking in and around Jackson and could’ve spent a dozen more. If only real life didn’t beckon (and my calves didn’t cry out for rest). For hikers or fishers, a lifetime wouldn’t be enough.

panorama of tetons
One of our first views of the mountains, on a day hazy from wildfire smoke

So if you aren’t ready to travel this year — or if you are, but your legs won’t carry you up these mountains — you can live vicariously for a moment with these photos. Let them help you decide if you fall into the camp of two days or all the days. Afterward, let me know where you fall in the comments. I’d love to know who’s a mountain person and who’d rather choose somewhere else.

death canyon peaks
Hiking through Death Canyon
moose in forest
Moose near Phelps Lake
fall leaves
Fall colors along the trail
trail in mountains
A perfect afternoon in the mountains
yellow aspens wyoming
Late September golds
forest reflection in lake
Morning at String Lake
mountain reflection in lake
Perfect reflection
mountain over pinetrees
Hiking in Paintbrush Canyon
overlooking blue lake in mountains
Overlooking Holly Lake
paintbrush canyon trail tetons
A trail to ourselves
paintbrush divide elevation sign
A welcome sign, signaling that the rest of our 22-mile hike would be downhill
downhill trail in mountains
My husband taking the lead
cascade canyon creek
Never-ending views
One of the small waterfalls along the way
creek running through grand tetons national park
Afternoon sunburst in Cascade Canyon
trail near jenny lake tetons
After 5pm, not a soul on the trail despite being less than a mile from the Jenny Lake dock.
mountains at dusk
The Tetons just before dusk
aspen trees near trail
Entering Caribou-Targhee National Forest
snowy mountain peaks
Our first bad weather of the trip and it sure made things beautiful.
clouds and fogs in mountains
The sky attempting to clear as we headed downhill.
mountaintop in distance
Wilderness for miles.
fall colors on mountainside
Fall colors on an overcast day.
rushing water
Rushing waters after making it out of thick brush perfect for grizzly territory.
mormon row tetons
History in the Tetons
plane with mountains in background
All good things must come to an end.

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