Milwaukee is the Trip You Never Knew You Wanted to Take

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At first glance, Milwaukee seems like any other American city: a few things to check out, but not enough to fly across the country for.  I had no idea how special it was until I had to go anyway for a conference and decided I may as well search for unique things to do in Milwaukee.  Before long, I had more ideas than I had time for!

Thank goodness I gave Milwaukee a second look.  It’s full of the unusual, if you know where to find it.  Just like buried treasure, sometimes it’s worth the effort.

10 Unique Things to Do in Milwaukee WI

#1: Get an Overview of the City at Full Speed

unique things to do in milwaukee running tour (things do milwaukee wisconsin)
The mileage and pacing aren’t quite right because of all the starts and stops, but it’s a great route!

You don’t have to be a marathoner to take a running tour of Milwaukee.  In just an hour, I saw downtown Milwaukee icons like Gertie the Duck, the original Blatz and Schlitz breweries, parks, and the lakefront.

Not only is it a great way to see several neighborhoods in one quick tour, but you’ll learn about city history and today’s local trivia, too.  Be prepared for about a 10-minute mile pace, but you’ll only need to keep it up for 3-5 minutes at a time thanks to plentiful stops for stories and street crossings.

#2: Kayak to a Brewery

Of course you know Milwaukee’s on Lake Michigan, but did you know there’s also a river right downtown?  Hitting the water is a must-do, assuming the weather cooperates.  Combine that with another must-do  — BEER! — and you’ve got a great afternoon.

Rent a kayak and paddle your way to Lakefront Brewery.  Although Milwaukee has tons of brewery tours to choose from, Lakefront has hilarious tours that step it up a notch.  You’ll drink during the tour and sample a few beers afterward, too.  My pick: the Eastside Dark.

BONUS POINTS: The Milwaukee fish fry is famous.  Lakefront has an official fish fry every Friday night, complete with cod, shrimp, perch, and live music.  If you’re not there on Friday, you’ll have to settle for just the cod (and a side of cheese curds).  Delish!

#3: Glow in the Dark Art

paint night splash studios unique things to do in milwaukee wi (things do milwaukee wisconsin)

You know those wine and paint nights that every city has these days?  Splash Studio puts their own twist on things with a monthly glow-in-the-dark paint night.  I used neon colors to paint under black lights, all while listening to music fit for a night dancing with my girlfriends.  It’s super fun and I love that my design was inspired by Milwaukee’s own Mitchell Park domes.  What makes me the most sad is it didn’t fit in my suitcase so I’ll have to go back and paint again!

#4 Scuba Dive a Shipwreck

AJ Dive Charters runs 2-tank trips to shipwrecks ranging from 15-95 feet deep, which definitely classifies as one of the most unique things to do in Milwaukee.  You can explore the intact machinery, cargo, and equipment in some of them or swim around these massive structures.  Some dives are even conducted at night.

I didn’t get a chance to try this one out as a newly certified diver since my visit was too early in the season, so I guess I’ll be going back to Milwaukee one summer to give it a shot.

#5: Try your Hand at Hammerschlagen

unique things to do in milwaukee hammerschlagen (things do milwaukee wisconsin)
Grab a nail and pound it in while playing hammerschlagen.

In the category of things that sound like a bad idea is Milwaukee’s favorite bar game: hammerschlagen.

Basically, you drink, then pass a hammer around to try and hit a nail into a log, and then drink some more.  Anytime the rules include disclaimers, you know it’s going to be good: “If you smash one of your digits with the hammer because you are drunk, uncoordinated, or maybe both, do not contact the Old German Beer Hall and ask us to pay for your medical bills.”

It gets busy at the Old German Beer Hall on Friday nights, when beer is free.  If you want to play hammerschlagen, go during lunch time.  You’ll get right in AND if you buy a half liter of beer, you’ll get a famous Usinger’s sausage for free!

#6: Take a hike

unique things to do in milwaukee lions den gorge (things do milwaukee wisconsin)
Walking in Lion’s Den Gorge, just north of Milwaukee

On my first day in Milwaukee, I remarked about how much green space there was downtown.  Little did I know how much it gets better with a short drive!  You don’t have to go all the way to Door County to enjoy a good hike.

My vote goes to Lion’s Den Gorge, about twenty-five minutes north of Milwaukee, for a good look at the bluffs overlooking the lake.  Go hungry, so you can stop at Kopp’s Frozen Custard on your way back to town.

I still regret not waking up at 4am to join the Brew City Safari, an urban hiking trip that heads out sporadically.  What could be cooler than a nighttime hike with a bunch of new friends, ending with sunrise as seen from a cemetery?  THAT’S the unusual Milwaukee I’m talking about.

#7: Yoga at the MAM

mam yoga (unique things to do in milwaukee) (things do milwaukee wisconsin)
Setting up for yoga at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Most people are inspired by the art at the Milwaukee Art Museum, but as a self-proclaimed museum-hater, I was more inspired by the architecture and lake view at MAM.  That alone was reason enough to drop in for their morning yoga class (check the website for available dates).  It was such a treat to practice in such a beautiful space and your ticket also includes same-day admission to museum exhibits afterward.

I do a lot of yoga when traveling, so it’s great to have a foldable yoga mat for classes like this one or even just in your hotel room.  If space is tight in your carry-on, you can make do with just a pair of yoga socks instead.

#8 Bake a Pie

unique things to do in milwaukee pie-baking class (things do milwaukee wisconsin)
Don’t stress over your flavor choice.

Milwaukee loves its comfort food and you can get hands-on with a pie-making workshop Monday nights at the Honeypie Cafe.  I almost signed up, until I realized that $45 was a lot of money to learn how to make something I already bake perfectly.  So, instead I sampled a slice that was already made.

I’m not sure it matters if you choose a fruit pie or a cream pie.  Mine was fabulous, but they all looked good.

#9 See a Movie

unique things to do in milwaukee bublr bikes (things do milwaukee wisconsin)
Bublr bike shares start at $3/ride

You’re about to ask me…Becky, how is seeing a movie a unique activity?  Well, hop on a Bublr bike and ride over to the Swing Park under Holton Bridge.

The area becomes a FREE outdoor movie theatre during the summer and rumor has it, you don’t want to miss it.  Nothing was showing during my dates (don’t worry, I’ll do it when I go back for scuba diving!), but I did ride the Bublr bikes and you can’t beat the convenience or the price.

#10: Ride the Latest Harley

If you have a motorcycle license, you can try out a demo ride at the Harley Davidson museum on summer weekends.  You’ll hop on a 2020 model and take it for a spin through Menomonee Valley — making this the most interactive museum exhibit I ever heard of!

If you don’t have a motorcycle license, don’t worry: the museum is full of cool things to see and their calendar has several special events and extended evening hours that make it easy to add to your Milwaukee plans.


SightDOING is always the focus of my trips, but I’ve got a few suggestions in addition to things to do in Milwaukee.

unique things to do in milwaukee wi riverfront (things do milwaukee wisconsin)
Along the Milwaukee WI riverfront

First of all, introduce yourself to anyone and everyone you meet.  Wisconsinites are friendly people and I only found out about some local favorite spots because of their help.

Then, carve out some time during your trip to eat at Uber Taproom.  Their cheese plates are legendary and you’ll love the local beer on tap.  If you’re still hungry, or even if you’re not, order a flight of ice cream at Purple Door…but skip the beer and pretzels flavored ice cream.  It was gross!

For a meal with a touch of sightDOING, the Safe House spy restaurant is a blast.  You’ll find puzzles, quizzes, and incredible decor all over the restaurant to keep you busy during your visit.  It’s a Milwaukee must-do, but go early.  After about 9pm, the staff gets busy and you’ll miss out on some of the spy games.

I stayed at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center.  The hotel itself is fine, but next time I go, I want to stay in Walker’s Point.  I loved the semi-industrial feel and I’d love to walk to the restaurants, coffeeshops, and swing dance classes.  If that sounds great to you, check out the Iron Horse Hotel.

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Special thanks to VISIT Milwaukee and the Milwaukee Art Museum for organizing my sunrise yoga.

19 thoughts on “Milwaukee is the Trip You Never Knew You Wanted to Take”

  1. Awesome! I’ve never been to Milwaukee but it seems you can definitely make the most of the visit and do a lot of things! When I go I’ll definitely do yoga at the MAM!

  2. Nice summary of MKE. The scuba divers in Milwaukee are a hardy bunch. While it is interesting to see the wrecks, it is not like diving a warm destination.
    There are many “sightdoings” west of the city with hiking, biking, kayaking, and of course more beer.
    I highly recommend the Iron Horse Hotel! Very original site.

    1. @Janet, Thanks for stopping by! I bet those divers are hardy…I imagine that even in the right equipment, the lake is chilly!

  3. I visited Milwaukee last summer and feel in love, it is really an underrated city. Next time check out the, Brewhouse Inn and Suites in the old Pabst Brewery Complex, it’s one of the best city hotels I’ve been too.

    1. @Brianna, Ironically I almost stayed there for a night because it looked so fun but then decided to stay closer to the conference. There’s always a next time!

  4. Thanks for the introduction and there are some cool things to do in Milwaukee, and of course the city is not necessary a highlighted travel destination but I am sure it’s a place worth dropping by on route!

  5. I missed so much while busy with WITS! What a great list. I’d go diving and now you’ve got me curious about the Iron Hotel. Love quirky places like that. Milwaukee is so much fun.

  6. As a person living in Wisconsin I really loved this article! I agree that Safe House is amazing- it’s a must every time I head that way. The Milwaukee Zoo is something lovely if you’re into that sort of thing, as it’s quite large and family friendly. Both of the malls are kind of fun if you want to spend time shopping, too.

  7. My sister in-law lives there and turned me on to the best event in Milwaukee…SUMMERFEST….look it up.
    Safe house is a lot of fun…..if you have time for a day trip to northern WI, The House on the Rock is the most incredible collection of stuff you will ever see.

    1. @Wise2u, Yes, Summerfest is popular with all the locals — didn’t work out on the timing for my trip but it’s always good to have a reason to go back.

  8. You had me at Hammerschlagen. This looks like one of the coolest things for 1) people who enjoy a drink; 2) fans of Vikings; and 3) fans of the Marvel comic superhero Thor. What a concept. Sure, there could be some smashed digits, but games like beer pong and quarters are for Sissy Mary crybabies compared to this game of true heroes. Your place in Valhalla (and possibly the nearest emergency room) is guaranteed with this game. Becky, you list some wonderful things to do in Milwaukee, but I keep coming back to Hammerschlagen.

  9. I agree with this one, others doesn’t know that there’s a lot of things to do here in Milwaukee. Others, especially tourist must consider adding Milwaukee in their bucket list of places to visit.

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