Should You Skip Zakopane in Summer?

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If there was ever a good problem to have, it’s that I “only” visited two places in Poland: Krakow and Zakopane.  That’s barely enough to represent the country as a whole, but that’s how I chose to spend my time.  And Krakow is so awesome that even my husband didn’t complain about spending nearly a whole week there.

But Zakopane is another story.  It’s taken me five months to write about the city because it took me that long to decide how I feel about it.
zakopane poland mapZakopane is on the southern border of Poland, right near Slovakia. It’s one of those cities that you’ve probably never heard of until you start planning a trip to Poland and then you’ll see it mentioned everywhere you look.

Zakopane is a popular vacation spot for Poles and it’s gaining popularity with international travelers too.  It’s set in the Tatra Mountains, so it fills up as a ski destination in the winter and as a gorgeous natural retreat for hikers in the summer.  My parents’ first visit there was foiled by bad weather (October rain and cold), so our family trip seemed like a good excuse to give it a second chance.

But Zakopane in summer is both a blessing and a curse.

Zakopane is Drop Dead Gorgeous

Tatra National Park, Zakopane

Like other highland towns throughout Europe, Zakopane has lots of traditional architecture.  There are wooden houses scattered through the town center, and into the mountains, but it’s the valleys and peaks that make it so gorgeous.

zakopane poland tatra mountains
Beautiful Zakopane.

The area is breathtaking everywhere you look, but you’ll never find any solitude to enjoy the scenery.

I wasn’t too worried in advance of my visit, knowing that just like any national park, hiking up a few trails is the fastest way to leave the crowds.  My husband and I specifically chose some strenuous hikes — the harder you work, the less people there will be — but even on a weekday, we were far from the only people on the trail.


We went up steep slopes, scrambled over boulders, and forded muddy creek beds.  And at every turn, we were met by hardy hikers, energetic school kids, and yes, even nuns.

Part of me is so glad to see that the world is enjoying such a beautiful spot.  The other part of me wanted just twenty minutes without seeing another soul.


Zakopane is Truly Polish

Krakow has a Polish identity, but it’s such an international destination that you’ll still feel right at home.  It’s not difficult to find English-speaking locals and if you’re not comfortable traveling independently, there are dozens of agencies ready to cater to your needs.

Zakopane is a different story.  It’s Polish through-and-through…which I loved.  Yes, the town is touristy, but it’s catering to Polish tourists.  The shops are stocked with things that Poles like to buy, restaurants have menus with funny translations (if there’s English at all), and I’d estimate that 9 out of 10 people don’t speak English.  Honestly, that makes it a lot of fun to visit.

zakopane cemetery
Wandering in a Polish cemetery, which looks so very Polish!

What I’m Doing Next Time (If there Is a Next Time)

Let me clarify: I won’t book another trip to Zakopane specifically, but I do plan on going back to Poland and there are a lot of places I want to see.

Next on my list is a spa town called Szczawnica, about an hour from Zakopane and also in the mountains.  We passed through briefly and I wish I had more time to spend there.

Szczawnica Polska
Szczawnica Polska

It’s still a (Polish) tourist town, but it’s just far enough removed to have a different vibe.  You can bike, hike, raft, kayak, or fish.  Spend a day at Pieninský Národný Park and cross into Slovakia.

Rafting the Dunajec River on the way to Szczawnica
Rafting the Dunajec River on the way to Szczawnica

From your base in Szczawnica, you can also day trip to Zakopane’s Tatra National Park.  Like I said, it’s crowded but it’s gosh-darn beautiful.

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Plan Your Trip to Zakopane

If you’re still planning a trip to Zakopane, I think one day and one night is exactly enough.  It’s too far for a day trip (only about 100 kilometers from Krakow, but 2.5-3 hours depending on heavy traffic!).

When to Go to Zakopane

Hiking is beautiful, but there’s a short window of opportunity for a lot of trails in Tatra National Park.  Snow and ice makes many routes impassable until June and by October it can be cold and rainy again.  Suck it up with the crowds and go in summer, or try to split the difference in September.

I don’t ski, but it seems like a great spot — although I think you might want to prepare for crowds.

Where to Eat in Zakopane

My pick is Restauracja Pstrąg Górski, which has some of the best trout I’ve ever eaten.  You should also plan on ordering some of the highlander cheese at some point during your visit (it’s everywhere, don’t stress over where to get it specifically).


My other vote: Cukiernia Samanta, which is the best bakery in town (and between me and my family, we sampled a lot).  Bring cash, point to anything that looks delicious, and worry about your diet on another day.

Where to Stay in Zakopane

For a single night, a standard hotel will probably do.  Rooms are cheap in Zakopane, so you can afford to “splurge” on a central location, like the Villa Vita Krupowki.

If you want an apartment, I highly recommend finding a service to help you out with booking so you don’t stress out like I did.

I found Raka Travel at the end of my visit, but they are amazing with arranging your plans, including rentals, transportation, and activities.  The staff is highly responsive, very friendly, and above and beyond helpful.  I thought their prices were competitive; even if your quote is a little higher than other companies, I think it’s worth it.

Niedzica Castle, outside of Zakopane
Niedzica Castle, outside of Zakopane

So should you skip Zakopane in summer?  

I’m undecided.  I liked the mountains, but I’m just not sure I liked the town enough to recommend it.

8 thoughts on “Should You Skip Zakopane in Summer?”

  1. Hi

    Great blog and thank you for mentioning us! You got it right with almost everything. We recommend coming off season April/May or Sept/Oct, still really pretty then and less crowds.

    As a thank you for your kind words we would love to offer all your readers a discount if they book an apartment through us. Check out our website, then contact us and mention Thegirlandglobe and we’ll send you a special offer 🙂
    Happy travels everyone

  2. We absolutely loved Zakopane. And guess what? We went there from Krakow by public bus…on the same day. So, yeah, we only had about five hours in the area before going back.I know, completely insane, but we didn’t have kids back then. Both my husband and I wished we had a few nights there, rather then going back to Krakow. To be honest, I’m not in love with Krakow. I had really high expectations, but it reminded me of my home city. Don’t get me wrong, I love my hometown, I just wanted something different. Prague, on the other hand, was incredible. Just shows how subjective travel is because most folks absolutely love Krakow.

    1. @Leana, Curious when that trip was — the people we talked to mentioned that every year Zakopane gets more and more crowded. But you’re right that travel is subjective…I’ve loved places others hate and vice versa. If somewhere “jives” with you when you’re researching, I’ve found it’s best to check it out yourself!

  3. I’m from Poland, grew up in the south… and have been to Zakopane only once or twice. As you said – the mountains are absolutely gorgeous, but the people… yeah. There are plenty of other options in the area, and I think your choice of Szczawnica in Pieniny mountains is a very good one. I haven’t been there, but Pieniny are probably the most beautiful mountains in Poland! Taking a raft down the Dunajec river is a thing out of dreams 🙂

    Happy travels, Becky!

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