How Going to the Yukon Led to A Proposal

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Early in a September morning, the Celebrity Millennium docked in Skagway.  The year was 2009 and I was having the absolute time of my life cruising through Alaska.  I was traveling solo — a rarity on cruise ships — but the trip was already the best vacation I’d ever taken, and I was only halfway through the sailing.

Docked in Skagway
Docked in Skagway

Even though my cruise experience was already amazing, it came with a downside: I only had 13 hours to explore all of Skagway.  Bound and determined to make the most of my time, I signed up for a tour that traveled up the Klondike Highway and into the Yukon, 70 miles away.  And so, with four wonderful travel companions, we made our way out of town, across the border, and into the natural beauty this region is known for.

While the entire trip was gorgeous, it was Emerald Lake that was the true destination of our mini roadtrip.
alaska 439
Emerald Lake

alaska 448

Even the trip back was spectacular!

alaska 478

The best part of all, though, had nothing to do with scenery and everything to do with wildlife.  This is grizzly country, and we were incredibly fortunate to come across these gigantic, majestic bears.

The first of many bears I've seen in Alaska
The first of many bears I’ve seen in Alaska

Of course, I’m missing the point.  You’re not here to look at my photographs (although, I still believe this area is one of the most photogenic I’ve ever been to!).  You’re actually here to find out why my then-boyfriend/now-husband proposed.

Less than half an hour away from Skagway are the beautiful Bridal Veil Falls, a sight that I thought would hold no significance in my life.  Little did I know, it’s said that getting sprayed by the water leads to a proposal.  As the only unmarried person on the tour, it was my tour guide’s duty to ensure I was sprayed, and I laughed it off.

alaska 397

Jokingly, Dyea Dave told me that if I did end up engaged shortly after the tour, it would be a great publicity move for his tours.  Single women from all over the world would be coming to Skagway to take his tour and end up married.  I thought nothing of it at the time, given that my boyfriend and I didn’t even live in the same state and frankly, he wasn’t even traveling with me.

Later that evening, sitting on a rock along the riverbank, I called my boyfriend to tell him all about my day.  Although I remember sharing brief details about the waterfalls and the legend, I know much more of our conversation centered around watching grizzly bears.  After all, a wildlife sighting like that one is way more interesting than a potential engagement.  In fact, I forgot all about those waterfalls until 31 days later, when Mike proposed and I said yes.

Do you believe there was a connection between these events or do you think it was coincidence?  Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “How Going to the Yukon Led to A Proposal”

  1. Becky,

    I would say it was pure coincidence… especially since you told him bits and pieces of the story. But, it does make you sit back and wonder doesn’t it? Love the pics, and the story. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. Becky, I remember that day so well and how excited you were about your day trip and all the things you saw and did. However, I don’t remember anything about the Falls, story, etc. But it makes perfect sense to me – nothing coincidental about it.

    1. @Kerry, Those grizzlies were by far the highlight of the day with the gorgeous scenery a close second. I didn’t give the falls much thought at the time because getting engaged was not something I expected at the time. Boy was I wrong!

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