Tasmania is for You If…

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For the most part, it feels like Americans don’t ever consider Tasmania holidays, instead spending all their time in more well-known Australian destinations like Sydney, Melbourne, or Cairns.  But for the right person, Tasmania may just be the greatest state you can visit; it certainly blew me away.

After spending only a week there, I can’t claim to be an expert.  There were huge chunks of the island I missed entirely.  But I think I saw enough to get the general feel for what Tasmania has to offer — and whether or not it is the perfect destination for you.

wallaby while on tasmania holidays
Imagine watching wallaby out your window while drinking a hot cup of tea. This is Tasmania.

Tasmania is for You If…

…You like varied ecosystems and geology without covering a lot of ground.

Scenic views from the Tasman Peninsula
Scenic views from the Tasman Peninsula
From giant green ferns to canyons to red cliffs, beaches to mountains, Tasmania packs in a lot of variety.

…You like country roads past scenic farms.

tasmanian country roads

It felt like every route we took was a back road, passing sheep, cows, and rolling hills.  Just watch out for wildlife: there’s a major roadkill problem here.

…You want an easy way to see wildlife.

Wombat on Maria Island
Wombat on Maria Island
There are cool animals here and most of them are relatively easy to spot. I saw pademelons, wallabies, kangaroos, fur seals, glow worms, wombats, tasmanian devils, quolls, possums, and some really cool birds all in less than a week.

…You enjoy farm-to-table dining.

tasmania apples

I picked the best apples of my life right from the tree (with permission, of course) and snacked on fresh, organic produce and incredible seafood throughout my trip.  You’ll also find great cheeses, lamb, and bakeries galore.

…You love rainbows.

One of the rainbows you might see during Tasmanian holidays
One of the rainbows you might see during Tasmanian holidays.

Yes, we hit rain, but I’ve never seen so many full, vibrant rainbows anywhere else in the world.  Turns out it wasn’t just my imagination — Tasmania’s clean air, cloud patterns, and latitudinal coordinates all contribute to its rainbow season.

…Your idea of nightlife is seeing the Milky Way.

starry sky
Night sky on the east coast of Tasmania

With little light pollution, the stargazing across Tasmania is fabulous.  Make sure you head outside to see constellations like the Southern Cross, plus a chance to see the Milky Way or the southern aurora if you’re lucky.

…You love tasting great, affordable wines.

Overlooking the Tamar Valley from Josef Chromy winery
Overlooking the Tamar Valley from Josef Chromy winery

Tasmania has several wine regions (my favorite was the Tamar Valley, near Launceston).  Tastings are usually $5-10, applied to the purchase of a bottle.  Expect crisp whites and cool-climate reds, like pinot noirs.

…You enjoy personal attention at B&Bs.

tasmania bed and breakfast
One of our B&Bs, which we nicknamed “Crumpet Manor”

Outside of the main cities, most of the accommodation is self-catering cottages or small bed and breakfasts.  Local families are happy to host you and make your stay extra special.

…You like easy day hikes to spectacular views.

boardwalk trail at cradle mountain national park
Hiking at Cradle Mountain National Park

The island is known for its overland tracks, but there are plenty of short walks on well-maintained trails and they are definitely worth including on Tasmania holidays.

…You appreciate pristine, unspoiled wilderness.

Walking through Warrawee
Walking through Warrawee

Tasmania is proof that you can take care of the environment.  There’s not a lick of rubbish anywhere in sight and the air was fresh as can be.

…You want to get away from the hustle of real life.

tasmanian holidays - hobart arthur circus
Quaint cottages in Hobart’s Battery Point

Even in Hobart, the state’s largest city, there’s a laidback, relaxed feel which makes it the perfect place to feel like you’ve escaped the daily grind.

Are Tasmania Holidays for You?

Overall, I loved Tasmania and wish I had more time there.  It won’t be right for everyone, but if a quiet, nature-focused getaway is what you’re after, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better destination.

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