4 Myths Uncovered About Heber Valley

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When visiting Switzerland isn’t possible, it’s time to re-think your travel plans.  You can arrive in Heber Valley in a fraction of the time it takes to get to Europe.  I promise the landscapes and adventures will still take your breath away.

Less than an hour from Salt Lake City airport, Heber Valley is Utah’s adventure escape.  It’s perfect for sightDOING but it goes beyond just adventure.  If you have preconceived notions about this part of the state, it’s time to open up your mind and give the region a chance.

Myth 1: Heber Valley is just a Winter Destination

Home to nearby Deer Valley Resort, there’s an obvious draw for skiers to visit Heber Valley!  There’s also tubing, skating, snowmobiling, and other winter adventures to keep you busy when the area is blanketed with snow.

But even after the snow melts, you’ll fall in love with Heber Valley.  Spend spring hiking Dutch Hollow and photographing wildflowers.  Come summer, raft the lower Provo river and celebrate with a beer on the patio at Cafe Galleria.  In the winter, listen for elk bugles in the Uintas or follow the salmon on their run up the Strawberry River.

hiking in heber valley fall

Fall Hiking in Heber Valley (Photo used with permission) Photo Credit: Bryan Rowland

Myth 2: Heber Valley is Rustic

All too often, adventure capitals are in the middle of nowhere without many amenities to speak of.  With so many options for horseback riding and ATV trips, you’d think Heber Valley falls into the same category.  Will your only option be camping or bringing an RV?

Nope!  Heber Valley has great resorts, like the St. Regis Deer Valley Resort or the Zermatt Resort, which is designed and modeled after a Swiss alpine lodge.  Upscale bed and breakfasts or vacation rentals are also options if you’re looking for something different for your family.

Myth 3: Heber Valley is all About Mountains

The Wasatch Mountains are beautiful, so it’s no secret that locals and travelers love being able to hike, mountain bike, or ski.

Mt Timp by Mark Anderson

Mount Timpanogos (Photo by Mark Anderson; used with permission)

But water sports are just as accessible in Heber Valley.  Try your hand at windsurfing on Deer Creek or flyfishing on the Provo River.  For something really unique, head to the Homestead Crater. This natural wonder is a geothermal spring that’s “hidden” within a volcano-shaped limestone rock.  You can soak in the hot springs or even scuba dive!

Myth 4: Heber Valley is Only for Outdoor Adventurers

This part of Utah is the perfect destination for me because there are so many activities that you’ll never have to sit still.  For someone looking for jam-packed fun, it’s perfect.  Whether you’re spending a weekend or staying all week long, you won’t run out of things to do.

Someone who likes to balance their vacation more and include time to kick back and relax will love it here, too.  There are five golf courses to choose from, local galleries, and scenic beauty galore.  Drive the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway and pack a picnic or let someone else do the driving as you dine in the vintage coaches of the Heber Valley Railroad.

Let’s Go

Just 50 minutes from Salt Lake City or 15 minutes from Park City, Heber Valley is a great destination for escape without the crowds.  It’s the perfect time to plan your trip and a wonderful opportunity to explore Utah’s state parks and scenic outdoor playground.

Are you ready to visit Utah’s adventure escape yet?  Learn more and pack your bags!

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  1. It really is a great destination! I’ve been through it and it is beautiful and fun any time. We’re going back through in the spring. Can’t wait!

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