The Products Keeping Me Sane At Home

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I haven’t left my neighborhood since March 16. For the most part, my days involve a thrilling combination of walking from the living room to the kitchen and back again, with a morning break to walk the dog. For ten days, I haven’t gone to the grocery store, any take-out restaurants, or any other businessess.

Ten days feels like a surprisingly long time (14 of “almost isolation”, when the only trips were for groceries and an unexpected water heater purchase). It shouldn’t feel this long, but when days alternate between stress, boredom, and frustration, it adds up to more than you think.

While I haven’t crossed the line into insanity yet, it’s only because I’ve got a good support network. Thank goodness I have my husband and my dog — I think if I lived alone, I’d be even more unsettled. And shout-outs to my family and friends who lovingly chat on the phone, send me zillions of Whatsapp messages, and get on video chats. Out of everything, it’s these connections that helps me the most.

But there are also a few physical items that are making my life a little easier, and that’s what I’m hear to share today. This post has nothing to do with travel, but life seems to have nothing to do with travel right now. If you’re not interested in reality right now, that’s totally okay. I won’t be offended and you can peruse hundreds of archived articles and dream about travel again. But for anyone who’s still reading this, here are a few of my favorite things, new-reality edition.

The Products That Make Life a Little Easier and Less Stressful

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