Want More Go? Spend Your Travel Budget With Intention

You’ve earned a vacation.  You’ve worked hard all year, have vacation days saved up, and even have a little money in the bank.  And now, with snow on the forecast yet again, a getaway sounds better than ever.

Here’s my problem: those thoughts run through my head every. single. month.  Travel becomes an insatiable desire and my budget can’t keep up with my wishlist.  So how do you balance an unquenchable desire with a limited budget?  It’s not about cutting corners on every single travel expense; it’s about making sure that every dollar you spend buys you something that you need and value.

Spending Money With Intention

I’m not afraid of spending money on travel.  Unique experiences don’t always come cheap and I’ve parted with hard-earned cash on everything from scuba diving to sailing adventures.

sunset sail in cape charles va

The secret to getting value from your travel budget is choosing activities that make you happy, that give you a break from “real life”, and that make your travel something you’ll always remember.

For me, that’s splurging on sightDOING but for other travelers, value comes from great meals, incredible resorts, or being able to visit family for the moments that matter most.

No matter how you define it, every traveler wants More Go.  Every traveler wants to stretch their dollar further for more trips or more satisfying experiences.  It’s all about spending on what makes you happiest and saving on the things that don’t matter as much to you.

Transportation Eats Up Half Your Budget

More often than not, flying to my destination is just about getting there.  It’s not the highlight of my vacation and it’s not the component of travel I want to spend all my money on.  I’d rather get a good deal on a flight and have extra left over for what matters most: the destination, sightDOING, and experiences I can’t have at home.

That’s why I’m so excited about Spirit Airlines new service in Richmond.  They just added new flights to Orlando and Fort Lauderdale — two awesome destinations in their own right — and easy connections to cool places in the USA, Caribbean, and Central America.

spirit airlines richmond map
Spirit Airlines service from Richmond Virginia

Spirit keeps prices low by letting you pick and choose the add-on services you need.  Smart travelers don’t use a lot of airline services anyway: you print boarding passes at home instead of using an airline agent, you pack carry-on only, and bring your own healthy snacks.  Other airlines bake that all into the bottom line so you end up subsidizing other flyers.  With Spirit, you only pay for what you use!

You don’t have to be a bare bones flyer to save money, though.  Based on all the dream trips I priced out on their website, Spirit Airlines is legitimately cheaper than other airlines in Richmond even if I add on the cost of my suitcase and a window seat.

Less money on airfare = more sightDOING.  That’s what I call value.

Where Will You Get More Go?

For selfish reasons, I love that I can justify a return to Central America without breaking my budget.  A cheap flight is the first step to returning to Leon, Nicaragua or finally taking my husband to Panama because I know he’d love it even more than I do.

One of the many murals throughout Leon.

Whether you’re flying Spirit Airlines from Richmond or from one of their other airports, big savings mean more opportunities for you to plan another trip.  Now is always the best time to start perusing airfare sales, researching trips, and dreaming about where you can get a little more go!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Spirit Airlines. All opinions are 100% my own.


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