Healthy Snack Ideas for Traveling

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I love trying new foods when I travel and eating at restaurants in general.  Food is a huge part of culture and sitting down for a restaurant meal is how I slow down and relax on vacation.  Sounds great, right?  And it is — except for the parts where I both overeat and overspend.

Snacking is the perfect solution to keep me fueled inbetween restaurant portions and keep my blood sugar up so that I don’t make stupid mistakes or get cranky toward my travel companions (trust me, that’s a real problem otherwise!).  I love to pick up some of my snacks at local markets, but other times that doesn’t make sense.  Buying your snacks ahead of time means you’re not surprised by the ingredient list on local snacks, stuck overpaying for airport food, or realizing that every store in town closed at 6pm when you’re starving at bedtime.

I stick to healthy snacks to provide a boost of protein and energy without leaving me stuck with a future sugar crash or feeling bloated from salt and oils.  By all means, if you have favorite snacks at home, bring them along, but if not these are some of my favorite healthy snack ideas:


go picnic black bean dip healthy snack ideasWhat is It?: Shelf-stable “meal” boxes with five different snacks inside, always including a protein, high-fiber carbs, something salty, and something sweet!
Cost: $3-6 each with discounts on subscription service or multi-packs
Becky’s Take: These boxes are only 300-400 calories in total, which in my opinion is a perfect hearty snack or you can just eat part of it when you need a little pick-me-up since each snack inside is individually packaged and easily saved for later.  You’ll find vegan, kosher, gluten-free, and all-natural options so you can feel good about what you’re eating.
My Favorite: The Black Bean Dip & Plantain Chip box, which also comes with a ginger fruit & nut mix, edamame seed blend, and chocolate-tangerine candy.

Love With Food

healthy snack ideas love with foodWhat is It?: A box full of individual goodies mailed each month, giving you the chance to try one portion of a bunch of different snacks.
Cost: $10-12/month including shipping (or about $1/snack) but you can save $5 on your first order with code TTFRIEND + 6-month prepaid subscriptions include a 2-year subscription to Rachael Ray’s magazine
Becky’s Take: This is Christmas in a box! I love having a surprise package full of treats show up on my doorstep and trying foods I didn’t even know existed. I like about 90% of what they send, but since everything comes in a single portion, if you don’t like it, simply move on. No need to feel guilty about munching from this box since you’ll find lots of good for you ingredients.
My Favorite: Caveman Cookies because it’s a cookie with no remorse!


graze snacks healthy snack ideasWhat is It: A tray of healthy snacks delivered to your doorstep every two weeks, featuring ingredients like dried fruit, nuts, seeds, and chocolate.  Choose from a standard box or the low-calorie option.
Cost: $6 including shipping for four individually-wrapped portions, each roughly the size of a deck of cards and 50-200 calories (your first and fifth box are free with my referral invitation).
Becky’s Take: I love that Graze makes it simple to rate each snack that you try and that they get smarter about your favorite snacks with each delivery.  If you love dried pineapple and cashews but hate corn chips, they’ll mix and match your box accordingly.  The downside is the portions are fairly small, so it can be a tad expensive.  Compared to a bag of chips at the airport, it’s a good deal but I can’t justify eating them at home.
My Favorites: “Brooklyn Bites” (poppyseed pretzels, cheese cashews, and roasted pumpkin seeds) and “Raspberry Coconut Muffin” (amaretti drops, raspberry infused cranberries, almond slices and coconut flakes).

Nature Box

Nature Box healthy snack ideasWhat is It: Another delivery box of snacks, but these are 3-5 servings per bag and 5 bags per month.
Cost: $20/month, but you can get half off your first month with code QJVUA or one lucky reader can get their first month for $2 using code FREE-A5EKELU7.
Becky’s Take: I have mixed feelings on Nature Box. The snacks are delicious and at times downright addicting. However, since they’re not in individual portions, they aren’t always suited for travel. Throw them in the car for a roadtrip (it’s way healthier than fast food!) but perhaps give it a pass for flying, unless you’re willing to portion in Ziploc bags ahead of time.
My Favorites: Cashew Power Clusters and Peanut Butter Nom Noms

Relay Foods

What Is It: A service that buys your groceries for you, offering delivery (extra charge) or pick-up from dozens of locations in Baltimore, Washington DC, and select other areas in Maryland and Virginia.healthy snack ideas relay foods annies organic cheddar snack mix Cost: Standard non-sale grocery prices, but you can get $30 off your first $50+ purchase through my invitation link.
Becky’s Take: If you can find it at a grocery store, you’ll find it through Relay Foods, whether that’s fruit, cheese, Oreos, a case of soda, or a bottle of wine.  Even if you’re just visiting these areas, you can have your order delivered to your hotel room so you don’t have to bother with rental cars or dragging your family to run errands on vacation.  Feel free to also order things like shampoo instead of being limited by airline restrictions!
My Favorites: Individually-wrapped Erin Baker’s Morning Glory Breakfast Cookies to eat on the go and Annie’s Organic Snack Mix for sharing and munching in the car.

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These healthy snack ideas will keep you fueled when traveling or at home. Try these great healthy snacks for kids or yourself. Check out all the ideas at #Protip #travel
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3 thoughts on “Healthy Snack Ideas for Traveling”

  1. Dia, The Deal Mommy

    I’m a big naturebox fan. It helps if you go in and choose your snacks..I just learned you can do that! There’s a groupon for them hidden in the “gift cards” section right now.

  2. What a nice list! I’m a huge Birchbox fan, so these evoke similar thoughts of running to pick up my package in anticipation of the surprises that lie inside! I just signed up for Graze using your referral code. Some unique combos of flavors, so looking forward to checking it out. (I’ll keep an eye on the price tag though since you said it’s a bit pricey for the amount that’s sent.)

    1. @Christina, Hope you enjoy Graze. With the first and fifth box free, you’ve got some time to decide if you think it’s worth the price. (BTW, sorry for the slow reply – I try to be “gadget free” on vacation!)

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