Am I a Lazy Traveler?

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Talk about excitement: in 2016, I’m taking two epic trips.

The first is to Cairo, to attend an Egyptian wedding.  Now, I don’t know a whole lot about Egyptian wedding traditions, but I have a feeling it’s going to be incredible (not to mention pyramids, mosques, markets, and more!).

The other epic trip is to Poland, a country I’m embarrassed not to have visited yet since that’s where my family is from.  Is Polish culture the same as Polish-American culture?  I’ll find out!

But when I start to think about my travels throughout the rest of the year, I feel like I’ve gotten lazy.  The places that jump to mind more than anywhere in the world are a lot of repeat destinations.

I want to return to Nicaragua and Slovenia, the two countries that stole my heart.

the girl and globe telica volcano nicaragua
With adventure like this, who wouldn’t want to return to Nicaragua?

In both cases, I’d go to new cities and regions, places that may in fact have little in common with where I went before.  But still…it’s not exactly somewhere new.

Then I’d love to return to Chicago, a city I can’t get enough of.  I want to stuff myself silly with delicious food, walk through neighborhoods, and maybe — for the first time ever — go in the summer so I can enjoy the lakefront, parks, and see the city when the weather’s nice.

Chicago Skyline
Chicago Skyline

I want to step foot on a cruise ship once again.  Maybe to head back to southeast Alaska.  Heck, last time I went there, it led to my engagement, so I think it’s fair to say that the trip worked out for me before.  Even though Mike and I returned (by “land”) the year after, I saw very little of great little cities like Juneau and Sitka.  That’s the downside of cruising: with only 8-12 hours to explore a port, by default you’re left wanting to go back.

And I’m already booked to head back to at least one part of the USA that I know I love: southern California.  I’ll be lining up my schedule to ensure I can take another circus class in Los Angeles, but in a big region, there’s still a lot to see and do.

cirque school la circus arts
It’s not as easy as it looks.

Obviously the places I now know and love were once brand new to me, so it’s obviously important to see new parts of the world.  Every trip I’ve taken sculpted me into who I am now, whether that’s from experiencing new religions in Nepal, living with families in Guatemala, or pushing myself to physical extremes on treks, bike rides, and other adventures.  There’s a lot of the world still to explore.

So with my desire to repeat great destinations in 2016, I’m wondering if that makes me a lazy traveler.  Do my two (new) epic trips give me a hall pass for the rest of the year?  Should I make things closer to 50/50?  Should I only choose new destinations until I’ve seen everywhere (like that’s even possible!)?

I’m not planning out my entire year right now, but with a changing calendar, I’m starting to think about how travel plays into it.

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Tell Me What You Think!

What’s the balance of returning somewhere you love and seeing new places?  Does it make a difference if you repeat the same beloved experiences once there or if you try to make it brand new?

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27 thoughts on “Am I a Lazy Traveler?”

  1. Interesting question that you posed, Becky. My vote is to do what you feel like doing. Whatever gives you pleasure is the “right” choice. I’ve certainly returned to places that I loved, and while I generally do different things or go to different places within that country or state, sometimes I will repeat an experience that I loved just because. Years ago I read an article by a travel writer who said that her next few years of travel would be a “greatest hits” tour, where she would return to her faves. I always thought that was such a great concept.

    1. @Barb, Thanks for chiming in! In some ways, I see definite value in doing what you feel like doing (after all, travel takes time and money). I just don’t ever want to turn into the person that goes to the same place, year after year, and never stretching themselves to see new things. For this year, a few greatest hits may be in order! Happy travels!

  2. I don’t think that’s lazy at all! I have a handful of places I repeat visit all the time – they sort of feel like home away from home. The lazy travelers are the ones that aren’t traveling at all or that only take “staycations” in their home town. Even when I visit a country I have many times I will add a few days in a neighboring country to still get something new out of it. And I feel there’s always something new to get out of a place no matter how many times you visit. Whatever makes you happy is what you should be doing!

  3. I don’t think that returning to a destination means you’re lazy at all! Not if you go deeper and keep discovering new aspects. To return to a place, retrace your steps and just settle in would be leisure, if not necessarily lazy. Sometimes that kind of lazy is restorative. But I’m with you and look forward to going deeper, going farther too.

  4. Ive always been one for not liking to repeat countries, but now that I have a son, I actually have a real desire to repeat countries – I want to share them with him and experience it through his eyes. I’m lucky these days if I get 2 new places a year because with family visits and school schedules it’s harder to get far off the beaten track. You will love Poland and I’m so jealous of Egypt!! Look forward to see where you end up throughout the year!

    1. @Karilyn, What a great way to literally see things from a new perspective. Enjoy traveling with your son and I’ll be sure to post about my own stories.

  5. Noooo, I also like to do repeat visits, because the first time was not enough! I think you have a great balance of new (awesome to go weddings in different cultures!) and repeat to dig in a little deeper. I hope your travels for 2016 are safe and wonderful!

  6. I hear ya! I feel like I’ve been sort of a lazy traveler myself. I really need to get on the ball with my 2016 planning. An Egyptian wedding sounds amazing though! Let me know if you need a +1 😉

  7. There is nothing lazy at all about returning to places you enjoy. As important as it is to try new places to get out of your comfort zone its just as important not to forgo places you’ve already been to for the sake of novelty.

  8. Every time the travel bug bites (often) I go through this inner battle within my head. I have a long list of places I yearn to visit, but my favorites, such as Jamaica and NYC, call to me.

  9. Not lazy at all. I am struggling a bit with this. My husband and I have the chance to go somewhere without kids for the firs time in 10 years. I am torn with going back to Ireland or somewhere I loved or a place neither of us has been and we both get new adventures. It seems sometimes we return to a place and hope for repeat or more amazing memories but instead go back and too many things have changed.

    1. @Kristi, I know how you feel…but the good news is that a trip for you and your husband is bound to be wonderful no matter where you choose. Happy travels!

  10. Not lazy at all! There is so much to be seen, that I often times miss plenty on the first trip to a location. Plus, that way I am not as rushed to fit it all in.

  11. I’ve always wanted to visit Egypt, but with the recent warnings about travelling there, I’m too scared. Hopefully it becomes safer soon!

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